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Departmental Budgeting supports a more detailed budgeting process than MicroFund itself. The primary purpose of the module is to support the interactive nature of your budgeting process. If you need to view several iterations of the budget, compare budget figures, and enter detailed descriptions for each budget request, Departmental Budgeting will save you time and improve the quality of the final budget.


  • Maintains multiple budget phases/ levels
  • Allows online budget request entries to be restricted at the account, fund, or department level
  • Import and export of budget data
  • Detailed notes for every budget line item
  • Simple budget simulations
  • Adjustment tracker by percentage or amount
  • Add new GL accounts without making them visible to current chart of accounts
  • Create budgets for multiple years without adopting future years
  • Prepare and present alternative budgets at any level
  • Allows several individuals to work on the budget simultaneously
  • Automatically transfers budgeted amounts to MicroFund when final budget is adopted
  • Holds an unlimited amount of budget copies

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"Departmental Budgeting" is part of the Spectrum line of products, developed by Harris Computer Systems.

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