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Credit History tracks the occurrences of credit related activities for 15 utility billing periods. Specifically, Credit History maintains a count of the number of delinquent notices, cut-off notices, collection charges, disconnects for non-pay, returned checks, not honoring credit agreement, meter tampering and user-defined “other”.

Based on the number of occurrences and whether or not the events are consecutive, the consumer’s credit rating is calculated automatically during the calculation of the bill. The credit rating (A = best, B = good, C = bad, N = new) may be used by the utility to determine cut-offs, issuance of late notices, additional deposit requests, delinquent charges, refund of deposits, acceptance of checks, and references to other utilities.


  • Utilizes user defined criteria and occurrence frequency to determine credit rating
  • Maintains an unlimited item credit profile for each customer
  • Profile variables may be weighted for value in addition to frequency
  • Draws information from FlexiBill for minimum data input

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"Credit History" is part of the Spectrum line of products, developed by Harris Computer Systems.

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