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The Bad Debt/Tax Levy™ subsystem is designed to establish criteria for bad debts or tax levy write-offs, maintain Bad Debt/Tax Levy maintenance inquiry, and create a selection of Bad Debt/Tax Levy reports. The primary purpose of the system is to maintain and track customer accounts previously or currently being levied or written off due to non-payment of monies owed. The subsystem can operate as a stand-alone system or it can be interfaced with the FlexiBill billing for Windows.

Interfacing with FlexiBill allows operators to levy or “write-off” customer balances and transfer the information from FlexiBill to Bad Debt/Tax Levy files where the customer’s name, address and outstanding balance are maintained.


  • Select accounts by date range, balance outstanding and service
  • Creates a list of accounts for review before completing the writeoff process
  • Accounts can be edited or removed from the list before or during processing
  • Account inquiry feature by account number, property tax number, name, and social security number
  • Allows for multiple batches or time frames

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"Bad Debt Tax Levy" is part of the Spectrum line of products, developed by Harris Computer Systems.

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