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Applicant Tracking tracks potential candidates from the application process through the decision making process. The system, which is driven by requisition number, allows more than one applicant to be tied to a single requisition number. The system can be used with PayForce or as a stand-alone module.


  • Assigns unique requisition numbers
  • Catalogs job posting dates
  • Tracks the involvement of internal and external personnel
  • Catalogs position descriptions
  • Tracks the number of applicants applying and interviewing for each requisition


  • Gathers information on potential candidates—Name, Social Security Number, Address, etc.
  • Automatically transfers candidate information from the payroll system for internal candidates
  • Tracks rejects—reasons, comments, etc.
  • Generates reply letters as applications are received
  • Tracks number of positions applied for by each applicant

Employee Hire & Information

  • Records position, hire date, department, supervisor, etc. once an employee has been hired
  • Automatically transfers information to PayForce and Employee History
  • Provides an email interface to automatically notify designated individuals once a position has been filled
  • Tracks additional employee information including Work Hours per Year, Minimum Net Pay, Work Phone and Extension, Termination Date, and Workers Comp Code.


  • Lists requisitions by opening date, status, department, and work location
  • Categorizes applicants by applicant’s status, application date, and application requisition status
  • Summarizes all hires by hire date, name, requisition number, department, and location

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"Applicant Tracking" is part of the Spectrum line of products, developed by Harris Computer Systems.

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