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A web‑based software system designed by Harris Local Government for government & public administration companies.
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The Spectrum software suite has been designed to meet the unique operating needs of the public sector; local governments and utility authorities. As a one-stop solution provider, we recognize that the goal of software is to create an effective and efficient organization. We acknowledge that every department within your organization has different processing needs and implementation time lines. In response to these varying needs, Spectrum solutions can be implemented one department at a time. When the time comes key applications can be fully integrated. Spectrum understands where you want your organization to go and we can help you get there quickly.

Popular Functionality Modules

FlexiBill The FlexiBill system supports the billing, collection, and accounting activities of government and utility authorities. The system calculates and prints bills for metered and…

MicroFund MicroFund™ is an inclusive, easy-to-use accounting tool designed to support the financial activities of local government and utility authorities. The system conforms to GAAFR…

Bad Debt Tax Levy The Bad Debt/Tax Levy™ subsystem is designed to establish criteria for bad debts or tax levy write-offs, maintain Bad Debt/Tax Levy maintenance inquiry, and create a…

Bad Debt / Tax Levy

Bar Code Payment Entry Payment entry is one of the most time consuming and error ridden processes of any organization. The Bar Code Payment Subsystem provides the fastest, most accurate method of…

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