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  • Financial Reports can be generated for opened and closed fiscal periods.
  • The ability to control postings to previous and future months and years. No need to “close“ the previous month.
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail Reports can be viewed or printed by journal number or in General Ledger account order.
  • Provides a variety of reports to aid in tracking your financial position, including Detail Transaction, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.
  • Allows for separate tracking of multiple companies simultaneously. Create Accounts ”on-the-fly“, saving time, no need to leave the posting program to add new accounts.

  • Simple ”T Account“ style of General Ledger detail information. User-definable Chart of Accounts number format, permitting use of your current account format. Or use Hardhat’s standard Chart of Accounts and add, delete, or modify.

  • Reference description for each posting enables you to determine the origination of each posting.
  • Supports Departmental Profit and Loss (divisionalized accounting).
  • Complete Bank Reconciliation.
  • Ability to hide any accounts that you are not using anymore.
  • Recurring Journal Entries.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger:

"General Ledger" is part of the Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software line of products, developed by Hardhat.