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  • The Accounts Payable Module contains many timesaving tools used to manage out-going cash and the costs to your jobs.
  • Designed for easy input, allowing you to quickly track vendor and subcontractor payments.
  • Actual costs are easily generated and posted into Job Cost, General Ledger, Equipment Costing, and Time and Material Billing.

  • Entering Accounts Payable Invoices and printing Checks have never been easier.
  • Recurring payments such as Rent and Loan Payments. No need to manually enter the same invoices every month.
  • Set defaults for Discount and Terms for each vendor.
  • Set default distribution for each vendor: Set Utilities Expense account as default for the Utility Company.
  • Fully integrated to Purchase Orders. Warnings are displayed if the invoice amount exceeds the Purchase Order amounts.
  • Warnings are displayed if the invoice amounts exceed the Budgeted Cost for the Job.
  • Cash Requirements Report showing Outstanding Amounts by Vendor or by Job.
  • Print or view Date-Sensitive aged Accounts Payable for prior periods.
  • Separate Subcontract Payables and Retainage Payables on the General Ledger and Accounts Payable Aging Reports.
  • Separate Retainage on Job Cost Reports.
  • Ability to setup different payment terms (number of days, 10th of the month, 15th of the month, etc.).
  • Ability to enter quantity and dollar amounts when entering Accounts Payable invoices. Shows on Job Cost Reports for cost variance analysis.
  • 1099 Printing. Information is accumulated from A/P Invoice Amounts.
  • Subcontractor Cost are maintained, including Contract Amount, Change Orders,
  • Invoices received and payments made on Contracts.
  • Retainage Tracking.
  • Design your own Purchase Order Printing Format.
  • Ability to print signature on Checks.
  • Purchase Order amounts show on Committed Job Cost Report.
  • Vendor Payments are maintained, enabling review of past bills and payments.
  • Invoices may be adjusted, with the adjustments being posted automatically to Job Cost and General Ledger.

  • Override on discounts at check writing.
  • Invoices may be posted to previous financial periods IF NECESSARY. Controlled.
  • Easy-to-follow payment selection. Invoices may be selected by job, by vendor, and/or by due date.
  • Complete Check Reconciliation.
  • Special Hold Status for invoices you are not ready to pay but want the cost reflection in Job Cost, General Ledger, and Time and Material Billing.
  • Vendors can be setup “on-the-fly” for more efficient data input.
  • Laser and traditional tractor-fed checks are supported. All check formats are supported.
  • Partial Pay on invoices.
  • Maintain memos for each invoice.
  • Joint checks.
  • Direct Depositing available.
  • Maintains Inventory last cost and quantity on-hand.
  • Automatic Worker’s Compensation deduction for subcontractors.
  • Manual check processing.
  • Maintain Insurance Certificates for subcontractors. Checks for expiration dates when entering Accounts Payable invoices.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Payable:

"Accounts Payable" is part of the Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software line of products, developed by Hardhat.