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A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the construction industry.

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Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software offers the most comprehensive, fully integrated, cost-effective, complete Job Cost Management Accounting Software available today. Hardhat has been providing Job Cost Accounting Software to the Construction Industry since 1973. With the Hardhat Software, all Accounting Applications feed to Job Cost, data is entered once. Hardhat provides all the necessary tools to allow you to perform your Accounting processes with ONE software package, eliminating the possibility of duplicating errors.

Hardhat continues to lead the industry in Customer Support, offering many different ways to access needed support: on-line, phone, Email, text messaging, instant message.

Hardhat stays abreast of changes in the Construction Industry through interaction with Industry Support Organizations (ABC, AGC, AED, etc.) and listens to the needs of today of our customers and prospects.

Hardhat offers Form Ordering Services, IT Support, Computer Sales, Web Development, Backup Services, and Processing of Payroll.

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