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Hardcat caters for both reactive/ad-hoc and planned maintenance for all types of assets/equipment.

Planned maintenance can be scheduled on either a usage or calender basis on a recurring or one-off maintenance routines. Hardcat allows for multiple asset/equipment maintenance by enabling the user to raise tasks on individual assets, assets of the same type or manual selection of various assets. Maintenance history and costs are recorded against individual assets/equipment for later use and reference.

Key Benefits

  • Complete history of an asset’s maintenance
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Automatic production of Work Orders
  • Control of Stock usage
  • Forecasting of work to be done by days, weeks, months, years
  • Option for automatic creation of Purchase Orders for work to be done by third party contractors
  • Maintenance Management and Asset Management in one system
  • Control of Maintenance Management instruction documentation


Hardcat is supplied with a built in suite of reports as well as a facility to generated outputs such as graphs and pice charts. Hardcat’s comprehensive output facilities include:

  • Comprehensive array of standard pre-formatted reports
  • An easy-to-use custom report writer tool to allow you to create your own formats
  • Facility to generate outputs to PDF file, spreadsheet, graphs, or even integration with external reporting tools
  • Report generation to various outputs including printer, screen, file, and email

Reporting can include practically any fields and from virtually any area in the system, e.g. Assets, Suppliers, Locations, Personnel, Help Desk, Cost Centres, Purchasing and Depreciation. A comprehensive query facility is also provided to allow the user to target a particular group of records for reporting purposes.

Reports specific to maintenance may be run from the Maintenance Management Module. As with other Hardcat modules, the user can select from our comprehensive list of pre-formatted reports or alternatively create their own custom report formats. All custom report formats can be saved for future use.

Standard reports include:

  • Assets by Task (ordered by task, asset or work order)
  • Assets under Maintenance
  • Next Service Date Schedule
  • Products
  • Tasks
  • Work Order Individual Details

Powerful Search Capabilities to Put You in Control!

Hardcat makes it incredibly easily to search for a matching record criteria for inclusion into reporting outputs. Information held against each Asset can be accessed and sorted by virtually any field in the Hardcat database, for example, searching by any combination of:

  • ID (eg barcode, RFID, serial number, lease ID)
  • Purchase costs/dates, lease commitments, operating costs
  • Descriptive details (type, product name)
  • Manufacturer, supplier, maintenance provider
  • Location, cost centre, custodian
  • or any user defined fields you may have created!


The Maintenance module allows the user to track a wealth of information including:

  • Task Code & Description
  • Date and time work to be carried out
  • Engineer required to perform work order
  • Availability table catering for days off, public holidays etc
  • Priority
  • Task Frequency (date or calibration)
  • Resources required to carry out Task (People, Hours & Cost)
  • Qualifications required to carry out task
  • Service notes for Task
  • Safety Instructions for Task
  • Tools required to carry out task
  • Stock required to carry out task
  • Asset Type associated with task
  • Email work orders automatically
  • Estimated & Actual cost of maintenance

Images, Instructions, or other associated documents may also be stored within the Task record of this module. A full audit trail of all transactions is retained.

Fully integrated with other Hardcat modules!

A key benefit of the Hardcat system in general is the smooth flow of relevant information between related modules. Maintenance Management is no exception, with seamless links to:

Hardcat Barcode Module

Utilise the PDA-based barcode scanner, used to capture and audit physical asset and stock items, to also carry a list of maintenance tasks and record maintenance actions. Record actions taken on these work orders and automatically update them to the main Hardcat database (no need to transcribe paper-based notes!)

Hardcat Purchasing Module

Option for automatic creation of Purchase Orders for work to be done (eg, work orders assigned to external vendors)

Hardcat Stock Module

In the actions area for each Work Order record the user can specify the stock item and quantity used to complete the Work Order, with the appropriate quantity of units being deducted from stock on hand.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Maintenance Management:

"Maintenance Management" is part of the Hardcat Asset Management Software line of products, developed by Hardcat Inc..

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