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By automating time intensive audit and data collection processes, Hardcat solutions offers a fast, accurate and discreet method of identifying fixed and portable assets.

From desks, chairs and large mainframe computers, to fax machines, photocopiers, modems, PCs, portables and mobile phones. Asset information is recorded via a hand-held barcode reader which has a pre-programmed interrogation system enabling the system user to collate data efficiently, accurately and in an organised and efficient format.

Key Benefits

  • automated data collection
  • total asset visibility
  • instant asset tracking
  • quick, simple to use & accurate
  • labour, time & cost efficient
  • improved security


The Asset Auditing Module provides the user with:

  • detailed asset information recording by make and model, serial number, user, cost centre, location & more
  • data analysis & automatic asset creation
  • full reports on assets audited by location, cost centre and people, including exception reports for stolen, missing or moved items
  • automatic transfer, sorting & relocation of audited assets
  • last audit report facility
  • on-line goods in/out recording (including expected return date)
  • barcode printing in a choice of formats.

Tags & Scanning

Easy-to-use portable barcode and RFID scanning equipment

Hardcat offers handheld barcode scanners running the highly popular Windows Mobile operating system. This has allowed us to develop the incredibly user-friendly, graphical ‘CatScan’ program enabling data capture and asset auditing staff to collect barcode and asset details quickly, efficiently and with complete ease.

We have developed different applications that allow the scanner user to collect new asset data, or audit and verify existing data. These devices make asset auditing easy – just point the scanner to the barcode and click to see comprehensive details for that item!

Standard asset descriptions, locations, and other organisational data can be downloaded to the Palm for selection as “picklists” when capturing or auditing data – ensuring consistency of data gathered and eliminating potential sources of error.

Supply of barcode labels and RFID tags

Note that Hardcat strongly recommends users obtain durable pre-printed barcode labels for attaching to the actual asset items rather than attempting to print their own on standard laser printers and paper. We can supply labels in materials ranging from laminated paper through to solid plastic or anodised aluminium to suit every end use environment. You can choose different sizes and formats with custom features (such as including your company name and logo on the label) also easily arranged.


A range of reports that give you clear, concise information on the results of your capture and audit activity provide a sound basis on which to make decisions on your asset base. These include:

  • Data Capture report (showing full details of asset allocation) for new asset items captured with the bar-code reader
  • Asset Audit report, comparing asset details on the Hardcat database to the results of the barcode audit and highlighting exceptions such as moved or missing items
  • Last Audit Dates report, listing all assets in terms of when they were last audited and last known location
  • Barcode printing facility (used to automate data capture process)

Loan & Issue Return

Hardcat also offers an alternative barcode or RFID tracking solution for tracking asset movements such as equipment loans where an item can be quickly scanned and allocated to a person, location or cost centre, with an expected date of return entered. This system uses a fixed scanner connected to a desktop PC located wherever equipment is dispatched from (eg front desk at a store room). Items can be scanned in seconds and all database details brought on screen immediately for confirmation.

It is widely used by police forces in Australia for the tracking of weapon allocation to staff, but can be adapted to virtually any asset loan scenario. It’s fast, cost effective, and so efficient you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Barcode/RFID Asset Tracking & Auditing:

"Barcode/RFID Asset Tracking & Auditing" is part of the Hardcat Asset Management Software line of products, developed by Hardcat Inc..

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