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Hardcat Asset Management Software

An ERP system designed by Hardcat Inc..
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Hardcat asset management software provides “cradle to grave” fixed asset management.

Hardcat Asset Management Software is able to track every aspect of the asset’s life from initial budget proposal through to final disposal.

It consists of a Core Asset Management Module and elective modules catering for Purchasing, Barcoding, Depreciation, Help Desk, Maintenance and Stock Control. As a further option, our External Interface Module also allows external applications (eg, web browser, ERP systems) to directly enact various transactions in Hardcat, allowing seamless integration of our best-of-breed asset management into your overall IT solution.

Key Benefits:

  • improved inventory control
  • improved asset management & financial planning
  • improved audit procedures & accurate audit trail
  • improved purchasing information
  • improved equipment planning & replacement management
  • improved maintenance & warranty information
  • reduced labour & administration costs
  • reduced insurance & disaster recovery costs
  • optimum asset utilisation
  • improved inventory control

Records Management

A key strength of Hardcat’s asset management software solution is its use in countries around the world, in every imaginable industry, tracking every imaginable type of asset. Our flexible structure, which allows the user to tailor fields to suit their unique requirements, enables Hardcat to track virtually any type of asset.

Hardcat are also world class leaders in mobile solutions with our iPad app to keep your asset management system up to date!

The level of detail you wish to record against asset records is up to you, but may include:

  • asset details (i.e. type, serial number, description)
  • purchase price & current valuation
  • warranty/maintenance dates & costs
  • components and attatchments
  • complete movement and audit history by location, cost centre, or custodian
  • associated asset management costs
  • lease & rental information
  • cost centre & ownership
  • supplier and maintenance provider
  • powerful custom user-definable fields by asset type (create fields that are relevant for the assets YOU manage)


Hardcat is supplied with a built in suite of reports as well as a facility to generated outputs such as graphs and pice charts. Hardcat’s comprehensive output facilities include:

  • Comprehensive array of standard pre-formatted reports
  • An easy-to-use custom report writer tool to allow you to create your own formats
  • Facility to generate outputs to PDF file, spreadsheet, graphs, or even integration with external reporting tools
  • Report generation to various outputs including printer, screen, file, and email

Reporting can include practically any fields and from virtually any area in the system, e.g. Assets, Suppliers, Locations, Personnel, Help Desk, Cost Centres, Purchasing and Depreciation. A comprehensive query facility is also provided to allow the user to target a particular group of records for reporting purposes.

Data Queries & Searching

Hardcat makes it incredible easily to search for a matching record criteria for inclusion into reporting outputs. Information held against each Asset can be accessed and sorted by virtually any field in the Hardcat database, for example, searching by any combination of:

  • ID (eg barcode, RFID, serial number, lease ID)
  • purchase costs/dates, lease commitments, operating costs
  • descriptive details (type, product name)
  • manufacturer, supplier, maintenance provider
  • location, cost centre, custodian
  • or any user defined fields you may have created!

File Attachments

As well as a highly comprehensive data structure against major records, Hardcat also allows you to easily store files against records. A wide range of attached files (images, documents, even shortcuts) can be attached to records in Hardcat, allowing for a high degree of control over asset configuration for purposes ranging from engineering management through to insurance documentation. Attached files could include:

  • Flooplans
  • Photographs
  • CAD Drawings
  • full color screen displays
  • scanned documentation
  • Microsoft Office documents

Functionality Modules

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