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HansaWorld has teamed up with the biggest name in Business Intelligence, QlikTech and has connected the database into their business intelligence tools. HansaWorld SmartView is a series of pre-written Business Intelligence templates, providing full dashboards, trend analysis, what-if analysis and much more besides.

Benefits of Business Intelligence and integration solutions by Hansaworld

  • Fast Implementation: live in 4 hours
  • Ease of Use: Almost zero training; highly intuitive BI software
  • Powerful: Nearly instant response time on high data volumes
  • Flexible: Many different measures
  • Interactive: Analyse any dimension of your business with business intelligence erp solution Smartview
  • Low Cost: Immediate deployment delivers immediate return

SmartView Business Intelligence + Advantages

Instant queries

It takes time to set up and run any queries in traditional Business Intelligence tools. They use data cube technologies, requiring technical users to prepare data in appropriate formats usually the day before a query can be accessed. Not HansaWorld SmartView - all queries are run in-memory, meaning that each graphic and table can be refreshed in real-time.

Immediate deployment of BI

Since the templates are already written, all a HansaWorld customer has to do to start SmartView is install the software. You can deploy the full suite in a four hour project, to include the necessary training! Large data volumes HansaWorld SmartView Business Intelligence uses sophisticated loading techniques to allow it to be run on even large data volumes. HansaWorld keeps track of data that was loaded last time, and only loads the latest changes.

Easy to use Business Intelligence solution

HansaWorld SmartView is highly intuitive, working the way your mind does. Just click on any component within SmartView, in order to analyze it further. For example, click on a region in a map, and all other graphics and tables will recast their results just for that region.

Interactive analysis

The approach of clicking into different dimensions means that what used to take several separate reports now takes a few mouse clicks. Use SmartView Business Intelligence solution to understand trends - for example, if you see that sales in the South West are down, you can analyze this by product category. If you track this to a specific product category, you can then recast all graphics for just this product category, perhaps discovering the cause to be one customer having withdrawn purchases of that product category in all regions.

Inline windows

HansaWorld has written a web browser, so screens from the external Business Intelligence applications can be displayed inside Enterprise. Users can configure links from their Personal Desktop and from Key Performance Indicators - these links will open any URL, so they can be set up to open the relevant dashboard from within SmartView Business Intelligence solution.

Hardware requirements

HansaWorld SmartView Business Intelligence solution needs to be installed on a separate Windows server from the main Enterprise implementation, but on the same local area network. Please talk to your local HansaWorld distributor about additional requirements.

iPhone client

It is even possible to deploy HansaWorld SmartView Business Intelligence solution on an iPhone, using Qlikview’s iPhone client. This delivers real-time Business Intelligence straight to your iPhone.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with SmartView Business Intelligence:

"SmartView Business Intelligence" is part of the HansaWorld Enterprise line of products, developed by HansaWorld.