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Mobile POS is an application that provides you with a way to process sales using an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. You can enter details of what has been sold either manually, or using a barcode scanner suitable for use with the iPod touch, such as the Linea-Pro from IPC Peripherals.

When using a Linea-Pro with your iPod touch, scanning a barcode enters the appropriate item details automatically, including item description and selling price. Swiping a credit card creates customer details in the central database, and allows Mobile POS to process the payment automatically.

When using an iPhone or iPad without a barcode scanner, Mobile POS offers you a list of products or services available for sale from which you can make a selection. You can also add customer details from a similar list. Completion of payment automatically prints to a network printer.

Mobile POS collects all details in a central database. If you are using Enterprise by HansaWorld, then all sales are automatically added to Enterprise’s database. If you are using an alternative accounting and/or Enterprise Resource Planning system, files can be sent automatically by the central Mobile POS server for import to the alternative system.

Mobile POS is suitable for all environments where salespeople need the mobility offered by an iPod touch, iPhone or an iPad. This includes:

  • Shops, where the salespeople need to move away from the sales counter
  • Trade shows, where no computers are available for entering orders
  • Traveling salespeople, whether selling from vans or simply those that visit customers

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Mobile POS:

"Mobile POS" is part of the HansaWorld Enterprise line of products, developed by HansaWorld.