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Mobile Inventory is an application that provides you with a real-time client for Enterprise by HansaWorld specifically for inventory taking. You can enter inventory items manually, or using a barcode scanner suitable for use with iPod touch, such as Linea-Pro from IPC Peripherals.

When using a Linea-Pro with your iPod touch, scanning a barcode enters the appropriate item details automatically. All you need to do is specify the quantity manually, or simply scan multiple items of the same kind.

You can use Mobile Inventory to count either your entire inventory or any part of it. Record details of quantity of Items, the Items themselves, and any relevant serial numbers. Restrict your count by location, or by type of stock.

Mobile Inventory collects all details in a central database. If you are using Enterprise by HansaWorld, then all items counted are automatically added to Enterprise’s database. If you are using an alternative accounting and/or Enterprise Resource Planning system, files can be sent automatically by the central Mobile Inventory server for import to the alternative system.

Mobile Inventory is suitable for all environments where inventory taking is done in a location requiring a mobile device. This Includes:

  • Any warehouse equipped with a wireless network
  • Shops
  • Trade shows
  • Vans

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Mobile Inventory:

"Mobile Inventory" is part of the HansaWorld Enterprise line of products, developed by HansaWorld.