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Standard Communicator is a communications central. It lets you share contacts, handle calls, e-mails and SMS’s, and keeps a history of all communications.

  • Bring your business together by sharing information
  • Keep a history of all communication activities
  • Get in touch with your customers from one place
  • Get more out of your phone system, IP telephony or Skype

Standard Communicator makes it easier for our people to receive service orders and follow the communication history of customers, suppliers and partners. The possibility to initiate a call straight from the orders will make our customer service much more efficient.


  • Reduce costs with Skype
  • Make, receive and transfer phone calls
  • Shared corporate address book
  • Personal address books
  • Overview of current calls within the company
  • Powerful caller recognition
  • Advanced call history
  • Automatic creation of call activities
  • Built in SMS function
  • Works with most e-mail systems
  • For Mac and PC *Connects to:
    • Skype
    • TAPI compliant switchboards
    • Asterisk based IP telephony systems
  • Available with:
    • Enterprise by HansaWorld


  • Save time With Standard Communicator’s company-wide address book you have all means of communication presented to you in a single window. To call a contact, just click the number. If there is no answer from the office line, just try the mobile number. To send a mail, click the e-mail address. You can even send an SMS, all from one place.
  • Know who is calling Standard Communicator shows you all information you have about the customer who is calling, including previous orders, quotations and service agreements.
  • Create history Each call, e-mail and SMS is logged in the system. An activity is created automatically that lets you enter additional information about the event. Later you can open the customer status report and see not only who talked to whom, but also which topics they covered.
  • Rank calls The call status feature tells you who is on the phone with whom in your company. When a customer calls, you can see if the salesperson that you’d like to transfer the call to is busy in another call. Because you’re able to see who is on the other end of that call, you can make an informed decision as to whether it is right to interrupt the salesperson or not.

Other Applications

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"Communicator" is part of the HansaWorld Enterprise line of products, developed by HansaWorld.