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A developer of business management software.

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For more than 25 years, HansaWorld has been helping its 75,000+customers to successfully run their businesses with HansaWorld business software including financials, ERP, CRM, e-business, retail (POS, webshop), rental, non-profit, hotel, jewelry, construction, and a wide range of other industries and verticals. HansaWorld software can be deployed in the Clouds or on-premise using numerous platforms including your IBM, Linux or Apple OS and any mix of mobile devices such as your Apple or Android tablets and smartphones!

HansaWorld provides a single, integrated solution covering Accounts, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management. Unusual for an ERP vendor, HansaWorld has also developed fully integrated vertical market solutions for manufacturing, hotels, restaurants, retail, professional services, membership, rental, and training companies.

HansaWorld is a technology leader, including delivering the following solutions that integrate with all other parts of the software:

  • Email (client and server)
  • Document Management
  • Workflow
  • Graphical Scheduling
  • e-Commerce
  • Built-in wide-area networking (no need for Citrix/Terminal Services)
  • IP telephony
  • Mobile clients for PDAs, Symbian Smart-Phones and iPhones
  • Server and client versions on almost all modern operating systems

The HansaWorld Group includes 19 offices in all the major continents, has distribution coverage in 70 countries and has sold more than 77,000 installations in around 120 countries. HansaWorld is sold in North America through Authorized Partners who know your industry and the HansaWorld software.


HansaWorld was first established in Sweden in 1988 by founder Karl Bohlin. The group employs around 300 people in a strong network of daughter companies and distribution partners in Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Experienced local product managers adapt the products according to local laws and business practice.

The products are available in 30 languages and work with almost all computers and operating systems.

The vast majority of the 75,000+ HansaWorld installations are for small and medium sized businesses, but also many subsidiaries of large international companies.

HansaWorld carries out continuous industry leading research and development, pioneering the use of modern technology for ERP and CRM and guaranteeing its customers a smooth upgrade path. Wide area networking (WAN) capabilities were built into the system from the start, and since 1997 the products have run natively over the internet without relying on expensive terminal server hardware and software.

The core engine is written in the modern C++ programming language, which allows the quick and simple adaptation of software for different operating systems.

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