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Even seasoned managers struggle to describe the behaviors that are associated with a competency that has been scored or rated. The task can absorb precious hours of manager and HR time, fussing with the right words. Yet descriptions are what employees crave and need to better understand their performance appraisals. That’s where Halogen eAppraisal™ authoring tools can really help:

  • Quick fingertip access to all the information managers need to provide accurate and meaningful feedback on each employee — from journal notes, self-evaluations, multirater assessments, past appraisals and talent profiles, to employee goals and development plans and more…
  • Ensure greater detail and consistency in providing feedback on employee ratings by providing a common library of comments and coaching tips that are used by all managers across the organization.
  • Use the nearly 5000 preconfigured descriptions provided, modify them, or create your own.
  • Save up to 75% of the time managers spend “crafting” behavior descriptions.
  • Avoid legally questionable language.
  • Remove spelling mistakes.

Enrich your employee appraisals with our comment helper!

Pack reviews with more meaningful, detailed and useful information that really helps employees understand the evaluation.

  • Choose from a number of predefined behavior portrayals, appropriate to your rating, to describe an employee’s demonstration of a competency. Halogen eAppraisal automatically inserts the gender appropriate pronouns.
  • Adjust the nuance of the selected text to be more or less favorable in order to better match performance.
  • Edit the predefined descriptions as required, to add specific details or get the wording “just right”.
  • Use the development tips to provide comments that encourage and coach your employees.

Eliminate questionable comments and spelling mistakes

Halogen eAppraisal comes complete with a pre-populated and customizable spell checker and a language sensitivity checker, to ensure managers do not include misspelled or inappropriate words in their employee performance appraisals.

Check for questionable words or comments that can lead to legal headaches. Rid employee performance appraisals of embarrassing spelling mistakes. Reduce the time HR spends pouring over performance appraisals to ensure appropriate language and avoid potentially litigious comments.

Help each employee get specific feedback that is relevant to their performance.

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