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Finally, a talent profile solution that’s truly useful!

Traditional employee profile applications have promised much, but delivered very little business value to the organization.

According to Bersin & Associates: “While profile management may seem like just another “bell or whistle” feature set promoted by marketing teams, we believe it is a critical aspect of this juggernaut called integrated talent management… Profile management is a key system feature to support integrated talent planning and management.” They state “Halogen customers will not have to worry” about the current problems with existing employee profiles; Halogen “does a great job!”

Transform your employee profiles into a truly useful business tool with:

  • Flexible, configurable profiles that capture any data that’s important to your business — not just standard, preconfigured fields.
  • An unlimited number of secure views of your employee profiles. Highly robust security provides customizable views so you can let the right people see (or edit) information important to them.
  • Workflows and reminders to ensure user adoption and profile upkeep.
  • A superior and intuitive profile search capability that lets you easily find and compare suitable internal candidates.

Uncover your employees’ “hidden” talents

Unlike other employee profile offerings on the market today, Halogen’s next generation Talent Profile categories are completely configurable, so you can gather any and all data that is important to your organization, including things like:

  • Work history
  • Past appraisals, talent assessments, training and compensation history (content from Halogen modules is auto-filled)
  • Formal education, professional certifications and language skills
  • Community involvement, hobbies and interests
  • Relocation preferences
  • Career goals
  • Photos
  • And anything else that’s relevant to your business

Use Halogen Talent Profile as your employee profile of record

Your one trusted and secure source for complete employee information. You can use our free, industry-standard Talent Profile API to augment your Halogen employee profiles with data from external systems like Microsoft® Sharepoint®, Yammer, third-party talent management solutions, license and certification systems, or your HRIS. You can also use the API to send updates from your Halogen employee profiles to these same third-party systems, ensuring accurate, up-to-date employee data across the organization.

Engage employees and keep their profiles up-to-date

Employee profiles should be more than just another static collection of data that is incomplete or quickly out of date, and doesn’t give you the information you need.

  • Include a step in your appraisal or talent assessment process, or create a separate process, inviting or requiring employees to update their Talent Profiles
  • Send automated email reminders to those who haven’t yet completed the task
  • Easily track completion levels of updates

Employees get an easy-to-use, self-service interface where they can communicate their capabilities, career goals, preferences and more. HR, managers, team leaders and decision-makers get centralized access to useful, up-to-date information to support key decisions.

Share information while maintaining confidentiality and security

Security limitations with traditional employee profile systems mean they can only provide two profile views: a “public view” that is very limited but searchable by all employees, and an administrator/manager view that shows detailed talent information that is too sensitive to be used by other members of the organization.

Halogen eAppraisal’s highly robust security model allows you to:

  • Create any number of customizable views
  • Define exactly which data fields each role or individual can search, view or update
  • Extend the value of your talent profiles to project leaders, succession managers, mentors, hiring managers, etc.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of employee data

Easily identify and compare qualified internal candidates

Launching a new project that requires special knowledge or skills? Dealing with language or culture issues with an important customer? Trying to identify the best internal candidate for an open position? Putting together a volleyball team for a charitable fundraiser? Trying to achieve overall talent mobility objectives?

Halogen’s superior, highly intuitive, role-based profile search capability lets you easily search Talent Profiles for a match. Searchers can:

  • Use simple keyword search criteria
  • Set up advanced, but very simple-to-use queries based on particular fields or categories to narrow results
  • Do a side-by-side comparison of profiles, or groups of profiles
  • Save the results, print them, or export them to another application for further analysis

Give internal recruiters, hiring managers, project leaders and others the tools they need to easily uncover hidden talent, foster collaboration and identify suitable internal candidates, every time.

Make better informed talent decisions

Managers can easily couple Talent Profile information with data from your talent management processes, to get the information they need to make informed decisions — all from one central location. And because our suite is tightly integrated, they can access Talent Profiles from any module, wherever they support the talent process at hand.

Build organizational bench-strength with a broader understanding of individual and organizational competencies, skills and gaps so you can address them with targeted development plans.

Get a deeper understanding of your employees’ engagement in your organization and in their careers, as well as the background, experience and interests of your top performers.

Compare, connect, collaborate…

Make it easier for your staff to connect and collaborate. When a project team member, hiring manager, succession planner or anyone else searches for candidates matching specific criteria, they can compare profiles, find the best match, then click a button to communicate with their ideal candidate by email — all within the Halogen Talent Management Suite™.

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