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Halogen’s organization-centric goal management is one of the most distinctive features of Halogen eAppraisal™, and highly valued by HR professionals, managers, and C-level leaders. It’s a strategic workforce alignment tool that links organizational objectives with departmental and employee goals — and brings extreme accountability to the entire organization.

Organizational goal management made easy

  • Uses the best-practice organization-centric model (versus people-centric) to align employee goals to the overall organizational strategy.
  • Managers can easily assign individual goals to one or several employees and link them to corporate goals.
  • Employees can also easily link individual goals to appropriate corporate goals and track their status year-round.
  • HR can import goals, targets and results that are tracked in 3rd-party systems into an employee’s performance appraisal form, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Track and update goals in real time using Halogen Mobile.
  • Employees clearly understand how their productivity contributes directly to the success of their team, business unit and the organization.
  • HR leaders, managers, and senior leaders — up to the CEO — also have a continuous “line-of-sight”, up or down the reporting chain, of how each individual is supporting and working towards divisional and organizational goals.
  • Leaders are equipped with a powerful goal management tool for ensuring each employee is working on the “right things” to move the organization forward.

Set “SMART” goals

  • Create and track specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented and time-sensitive goals.

Support cascading goals

  • Provide a straight-forward, line-of-sight view of cascaded organizational goals for both managers and employees.
  • Enable leaders to quickly see how each individual is contributing to the organizational strategy.
  • Promote better buy-in and understanding of corporate objectives.

Determine if goals are on-target

  • Intuitive management tools help you see how well employees are tracking against their individual goals.
  • Easy-to-set milestone dates specifically support your performance review process throughout the year.
  • Automatic reminders and graphical status indicators help keep goals on target.
  • Establish sophisticated scoring and weighting measures based on what performance indicators you value for each employee or position.
  • Get straight-forward, line-of-sight views of cascaded corporate goals for both managers and employees: quickly see how many are working toward high level goals and drill down to see exceptions to the goal plan.

Real-time views and informative dashboard reports

  • Monitor key performance indicators and track progress on goals with Halogen eAppraisal’s dashboard.
  • See what progress is being made on goals and schedules, and identify any areas needing attention using our real-time reports.

Reap the rewards

  • Organizations that align employee goals with organizational strategy have a much higher probability of successfully executing their business plans.
  • Workforce alignment empowers employees and creates ownership in the organization’s success, resulting in more satisfied employees and increased retention.
  • Organizational goal management enables organizations to move quickly from strategy planning to strategy execution.

Workforce alignment empowers employees by creating ownership in the organization’s success. The result: more satisfied employees, increased retention, and business success!

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