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Let Halogen eAppraisal’s Feedback Central feedback management feature help boost employee engagement. Engaged employees are proven to be more productive and passionate, leading to higher returns.

Accurately record employee performance feedback year round

We all know how hard it is to remember what we did 3 months ago, let alone a year ago. Because of this, performance appraisals are often skewed, focusing primarily on recent performance. Feedback Central captures in-the-moment coaching tips, feedback and recognition from managers, peers, HR teams and external constituents, providing fuller, richer details come review time. Give employees what they want — accurate, meaningful feedback!

  • Easily record key accomplishments, awards, or recognition about yourself or others while the event and details are still top of mind.
  • With a single click in your inbox, convert emails into Feedback entries using the Microsoft® Office Outlook® Plug-in for Halogen Feedback Central.
  • Share feedback anytime, anywhere using Feedback Central on Halogen Mobile.
  • Keep track of challenges and desired opportunities for coaching or development.
  • Choose from the feedback types and icons provided, or configure your own. The standard set includes: journal note, manager note, award, coaching tip, observation, and recognition.
  • Get automated reminders to record and manage employee performance feedback all year round.

Simplify feedback management and write more detailed employee performance appraisals

Don’t rely on your memory and potentially lose track of your employees’ performance details. By reviewing feedback received throughout the year, managers can provide a more meaningful performance appraisal and be less subjective.

  • Effortlessly jot down performance highlights about the employee when they occur.
  • Log performance gaps and critical incident reports, as well as accomplishments.
  • Choose whether or not to share your notes with your employees.
  • Review your employees’ shared entries and sort by type to understand their perspective on performance.
  • Pull feedback directly into employee performance appraisals to provide direct support for ratings and comments.
  • Don’t wait for the annual appraisal to foster growth. Use Feedback Central to provide ongoing coaching and feedback outside of formal appraisals.

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