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The beauty of Halogen eAppraisal™ flexible employee evaluation forms is that they adapt to your performance appraisal system rather than imposing a narrow template or a fixed number of options. With this unique feature, it’s a breeze to configure different employee evaluation forms and competency layout styles to meet your specific performance management process and needs.

Configure your performance appraisal forms with point and click simplicity

  • No need for IT support or intervention.
  • Use one of our employee evaluation form templates, modify it, or start from scratch to create your own.
  • Match your current look and feel, including corporate branding.
  • Create forms using the language and terminology of your workplace.
  • Provide a variety of competency evaluation formats on the same form.
  • Easily make global changes to all forms or to a group of forms in just one step.
  • Make changes any time, then decide when to start using the updated form — helping ensure fairness for anniversary or other staggered start processes.
  • Present review information using visual or graphical highlights to illustrate ratings or scores.
  • Ensure a common user experience throughout the organization, even if you’re using multiple employee evaluation forms.

Get up-and-running quickly with our Employee Lifecycle Pack

Our Employee Lifecycle Pack is a complete set of ready to use forms that support proven best-practices in talent management — from hire to retire. We’ve done the research for you, and solicited feedback from hundreds of companies just like yours. The Employee Lifecycle Pack is included free with Halogen eAppraisal, and gives you a head start by providing you with a comprehensive library of form templates that address every stage of the employment lifecycle, so you can be sure you:

  • Gather the right data
  • Follow a logical sequence/flow for data collection
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Get all the right approvals
  • Set employees and managers up for success
  • Drive employee performance, engagement and accountability

The pack also includes guidelines that give you guidance, tips and tricks for creating your own highly effective forms. They provide invaluable help whether you’re modifying one of our form templates, or starting from scratch to create your own.

Hire us to do the work for you

Creating your own performance appraisal forms is really quick and easy. But if you don’t have the time or resources, Halogen Software can create your performance review forms for you as a turnkey project. Just give us a call.

Professional looking performance evaluation forms that are easy to create and maintain are just a click away!

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