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The Halogen eAppraisal™ dashboard makes it easy for managers and executives to track key performance indicators for employee performance. Check that progress, ratings, and goal setting are in line with expectations, and quickly get the “big picture” on the status of your overall employee performance appraisal process.

Keep your finger on the pulse with four dashboard reports

Process status: see the exact status of all appraisals and where people are at in the review process — all the time and in any level of detail — to support appraisal workflow management.

Goal status: start from the highest-level organizational objectives and drill down to the lowest level projects and initiatives that are linked to employee goals — determine whether progress is being made by individuals, groups, departments or the organization as a whole.

Competency scores: quickly see whether you are building strength in specific core or leadership competencies, determine your organization’s top competencies, see what the trend is across the organization — or by department or group, and more.

Score distribution: spot and track trends in performance appraisal scores by comparing the current scores to previous years’.

Get the information you need

  • Dashboard reports require no configuration — data is automatically presented based on your reporting structure.
  • Click through to underlying or supporting reports for more detailed information.
  • Filter views to see the data you want and need.
  • Toggle between different graphical representations (bar charts, pie charts, dot charts, etc.) and save your preferences for next time.

Track key performance indicators for organization goals, identify important trends and act more quickly on performance metrics.

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