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One thing that we’ve learned from experience is — there’s no such thing as ‘one way fits all’. Every organization has a unique performance appraisal process, with its own review or workflow steps. Halogen eAppraisal’s configurable, automated appraisal workflow management tool makes it easy for you to automate your current process and adapt it tomorrow to meet your changing needs.

Easily define who does what, when

  • Configure your performance management process workflow with point and click simplicity — no need for IT or vendor involvement.
  • Choose from a menu of 27 different process steps and define their order to create your customized assessment workflow.
  • Setup different types of reviews: interim, anniversary, probationary, 30/60/90 day cumulative, disciplinary, project, engagement, goal setting, annual performance, etc.
  • Use your own terminology and language.
  • Build in multiple approval steps — up to four managerial levels of approval in addition to HR — to suit your needs.

Automatically notify everyone who has a task to complete

As part of your workflow, you can configure Halogen eAppraisal’s automated email reminders to send notifications to stakeholders when they have a task to perform or when their task is overdue.

With Halogen eAppraisal™, you can truly have it your way! When it comes to performance management workflow, you know what works best for your organization.

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