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Halogen eAppraisal™ provides you with effective tools to evaluate your employees’ demonstration of key competencies, and put development plans in place where needed. Our industry-leading competency management feature gives you the sophistication and flexibility you need to get truly meaningful assessments and ensure the success of your organization.

Choose the core and leadership competencies that suit you best

Halogen eAppraisal gives you the flexibility to:

  • Use Halogen eAppraisal’s standard competency library — you can easily modify or extend it to suit your needs.
  • Use your own existing library.
  • Use one of the third-party libraries sold with our products, including the premium, researched and tested Lominger Leadership Architect® Competency Library.

Support a Lean culture

Halogen eAppraisal also comes complete with an extensive library of Lean competencies, developed by Lean Institute faculty members, to help you cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.

Choose the best way to rate competencies

Halogen eAppraisal Competency Management gives you three ways to rate competencies:

1) Use a short rating scale and optional comment for simple competency assessments: “Needs Improvement” to “Exceeds Expectations”.

2) Rate detailed behavioral descriptions of the levels of competency demonstration and provide optional comments.

3) Use a sophisticated matrix to rate competencies using different dimensions and weights. For example, how well was the competency demonstrated, how frequently was it demonstrated, how important is it, etc.

Unlike other products on the market, Halogen eAppraisal even lets you use different types of ratings for different competencies on the same form, so you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Ultimately, your company’s core competencies help define and sustain your competitive advantage. Competency management is critical for assessing employee performance, identifying opportunities for training and development, and cultivating talent pools.

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