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Extract and combine data from hundreds of systems to create a single, holistic view

Truly powerful business intelligence isn’t reporting on the data in one or two isolated applications. It’s bringing the scattered information from the web, social media, machine sensors, line of business applications, databases, desktop apps, text files and more. Halo’s data aggregation connectors, Halo Rays, automate the import and aggregation of data from hundreds of sources including:

  • Business Operational Applications — ERP, CRM, HR, Accounting, Call Center Management and more
  • Relational Databases — IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Open Source and others
  • Desktop Applications — Excel spreadsheets, delimited files, and text files
  • Custom file types from in-house and bespoke applications

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Data Aggregation:

"Data Aggregation" is part of the Halo BI line of products, developed by Halo Business Intelligence.