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Halo takes business intelligence collaboration beyond email and “sticky notes” with fully integrated collaborative decision support suite. More than just a comment or IM tool, Halo provides a powerful knowledge base, task manager and progress-tracking system integrated within its dashboards. You can share views, ask questions, attach and share additional information like documents and photos, even assign tasks and track results right from within the dashboard. More importantly, it all remains connected to specific metrics and dashboards, making all of that additional information part of your business intelligence.

In addition to collaborative decision support, Halo also provides the ability to securely extend your business intelligence and analytics to your key partners — suppliers, partners, customers, an more. Halo lets you provide access their data on your system whenever and wherever they want with nothing more than a web browser. Sharing with any person, user or not, exporting charts, graphs and tables with all the relevant data underneath providing the ability to extend all manner of BI insights to the people who need it, wherever they might be.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Collaboration:

"Collaboration" is part of the Halo BI line of products, developed by Halo Business Intelligence.