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Halo BI

A multi‑module management system designed by Halo Business Intelligence.
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A Higher Intelligence

Enterprise intelligence and big data analytics built to leverage your most important investment — your people

We built the Halo Platform based on a few simple principles:

People are smart, data is dumb.

Data isn’t “insight” or “information”, it’s just stuff. It’s only when that data is combined, processed and handed off to a real human being who can do something with it that it’s turned into something of value. As a result, the Halo Platform is built, not to impress folks with complexity, or gee-wiz gadgets, but to give regular people the data they need the way they need it to make decisions and create value for the business.

See the forest, not the trees

The whole idea of analytics is to access all the information available, not just bits and pieces. Departmental BI silos don’t provide insight, they create blind spots. That’s why Halo lets you combine all types of data — internal, external, structured, unstructured, big, little and in between — collaborate across departments, and work from the bottom-up as well as the top-down. When everyone has the full scope of information they make better decisions faster.

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all”

Halo was designed to get up and running fast in virtually business environment and start producing results right away, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a 100% fit right out of the box. That’s why Halo was designed to be powerful enough to handle 80% of your needs out of the box, yet flexible enough that you can tailor and tweak it to meet your specific needs and requirements without prolonged deployments and never-ending modifications.

It’s your data, not ours

In a world of open systems and platforms why is it that some many software vendors try to lock up your information in their proprietary systems and formats? We want you to use Halo because it meets your needs, not because we’re holding you’re information hostage. That’s why the entire platform is built on industry standards and all of data Halo stores is directly accessible by 3rd party systems. We don’t even use proprietary apps or specialized software for our visualization and mobile pieces. All you need is a web browser.

People make smarter business decisions when they work together

No man is an island — nor is any successful organization. Businesses exist in an ecosystem of people, partners, suppliers, customers and competitors. And thriving in that ecosystem requires collaboration and knowledge sharing among the many parts, which is why Halo offers information sharing, collaboration and decision support tools built right into the platform. People can share ideas, ask questions, add information, and even assign and track tasks all from within Halo. Best of all that collaborative information is tied to the topic enriching that business intelligence data with “human intelligence.”

What Halo BI Offers

A 360 Degree Solution More than simple analytics or data mining & discovery tools that just look at one piece of your company data, Halo offers true, full scope data aggregation of internal sources — operational applications, relational databases, and desktop tools — as well as external big data sources like cloud services, web logs, social media, remote sensors, public data sources, and more. With Halo you don’t have the balkanized analytics silos you have with departmental or vertical tools, you have real, full scope access to all the information that affects or influences your business.

Agile BI for Agile Business Traditional BI deployments are expensive, lengthy, complex and prone to failure. Halo’s agile platform offers multiple flexible implementation options and comes with pre-built connectors and data marts that will have you up and running in just days, not weeks or months. Halo’s agile platform architecture allow you to start fast, produce results right away, and add new features and functions as your business requirements grow and change.

Empower Users Everywhere-Fixed and Mobile Halo BI’s interactive dashboards and alerts go wherever your users are — desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, you name it — with just a web browser; no special apps or software required. What’s more, Halo’s built-in collaboration tools, Rings and Span, lets people share their dashboards, discuss what they’re seeing and make decisions right then and there.

Deploy It Your Way With Halo it’s up to you where your business intelligence lives. Halo supports traditional on-premise deployments, private clouds, hybrid models, and even as a hardware-free platform as a service (PaaS) model. The choice is up to you.

Higher Intelligence, 1/4 the cost Forget about proprietary hardware and software lock in. The Halo Business Intelligence platform offers all the features and flexibility of multi-million dollar enterprise BI, but at a mere fraction of the price. Moreover, Halo BI is built on low cost, commodity hardware and common software standards, so there’s no data lock-in or proprietary formats to trap you. Coupled with it’s incredible ease-of-use and self-serve capabilities, you’ll find that Halo’s total cost of ownership is a quarter of that of other, less flexible solutions

Functionality Modules

Data Quality Bad data makes for bad intelligence, built-in data quality tools solve that problem Poor data quality is a major problem with accurate analytics and intelligence. On average…

Data Analysis Analyze and measure your data the way that makes the most sense to you Go beyond canned KPIs and pre-built analytics and understand your business the way that makes the most…

Data Visualization Halo offers a full spectrum of data visualization tools — interactive dashboards, reports, email alerts, Excel workbook exports, SharePoint, and publish-to-web options that…

Collaboration Halo takes business intelligence collaboration beyond email and “sticky notes” with fully integrated collaborative decision support suite. More than just a comment or IM…

Data Aggregation Extract and combine data from hundreds of systems to create a single, holistic view Truly powerful business intelligence isn’t reporting on the data in one or two isolated…

Data Warehousing Dramatically simplify your analytics data warehousing and management Halo’s data repository and warehousing featuring dramatically simplify the challenges of data access,…

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