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H&L Australia

A developer of business management software.

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So we know the drill…

While at H&L we’re regarded as the leading systems developer, we’re first and foremost, Hospitality people. All H&L systems are designed to easily integrate with your external accounting systems and other applications. We are one of the fastest growing Point of Sale solution providers in the hospitality industry.

We are different. We approach our solutions from an operational perspective, and we deliver from the ground up to provide the best total solution. From a bullet proof low profile POS terminal, the latest in touch screen, hand held and room reservations through to customer loyalty, reward systems, all fully integrated.

H&L, a company with over 25 year’s experience, is proud to be made up of professionals from the hotel and hospitality industry.

Our Mission

We guarantee our solutions by delivering quality software, consistent service and support with continued honesty.

We will work in partnership with our customers and provide the service, support and technology that will maximise their profitability, competitive edge and improve lifestyle.

Company History

H&L group of companies was formed in South Australia by John Hardy and Burt Admiraal based on a real need by the hospitality industry for a fully integrated product that could manage Stock Control and Point of Sale (POS) management.

When H&L started back in the mid 1980’s, electronic point of sale (EPOS) wasn’t really a term that had been invented yet. The founders didn’t set out to create a point of sale system, they had a problem to solve .

As hospitality professionals they wanted to better control their profits and reduce theft and wastage in the restaurant and bars they were responsible for managing.

Product Lines

  • H&L Management Solution

    A web-based report writer service designed by H&L Australia.

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    • H&L Point of Sale Solution

      A point-of-sale system designed by H&L Australia for accommodations & food services and real estate & property management companies.

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      Market Focus

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