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Creating a Safer World for You

The Gunnebo Security Group provides efficient and innovative security solutions to customers around the globe.

It employs 5800 people in 31 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America, and has a turnover in excess of US $723m. Gunnebo focuses its global offering on Bank Security & Cash Handling, Secure Storage, Entrance Control and Services.

Business Strategy

All of Gunnebo’s customers demand high-quality security solutions and professional, reliable service at every stage of our relationship with them. This means that awareness about product and service standards, as well as the values and attitudes of each and every employee, are critical for success.

The Gunnebo Group’s strategy is founded on supplying customized security products, systems and services to help create a safer world. We aim to protect people, buildings and property, providing security for you, your employees and your customers. The Group’s revised Code of Conduct, Core Values and Quality Policy, which were drawn up in 2007, are important tools for achieving this strategy.

Geographically, Gunnebo will prioritize growth in the European markets, the markets around the Indian Ocean Rim and in North America.

Brand Strategy

Gunnebo has grown to become a strong, well-known brand name in the security sector and is one of the Group’s strategic assets.

In line with the Gunnebo One Company growth strategy, all marketing and sales of security products, solutions and services has taken place under the common brand name Gunnebo since 2006.

Secure storage products are the only exception to this branding strategy, where marketing and sales are conducted under the well-known brand names Chubbsafes, Fichet-Bauche, Rosengrens and SecureLine. For a transitional period, there is also dual branding in certain markets, such as France, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia and South Africa.

In addition, systems and products for indoor perimeter protection continue to be marketed and sold under the Troax brand name.

Product Lines

Market Focus

Evaluations of Gunnebo products by market segment:

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