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The Guardian Estimating Management System facilitates the quick and easy calculation of material and overhead costs for multiple quantities of a casting and allows for copying portions of a previously used estimate as well as creation of new estimates.

Features include

  • Ability to copy in a previously engineered or designed part to begin estimate
  • Estimate multiple quantity breaks
  • Estimate broken down into material, labor, fixed and variable overhead
  • Estimate can be expressed in hours and dollars
  • Old estimates can be copied into new estimates and re-run
  • Estimates can be copied across customers
  • Parts can be searched on by specific characteristics for using in beginning an estimate
  • Variety of Inquired screens and reports
  • Estimate worksheets available for analysis
  • Estimates can be created for both parts currently on file and parts not currently in the engineering system
  • Integrated to Quotation Management/Engineering Management/Customer Management

Other Applications

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"Estimating Management" is part of the Guardian Foundry System line of products, developed by Guardian Software Systems.

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