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Customer attrition is the biggest challenge any business suffers. It is important to keep customers glued to the company as with every lost customer we loose hundreds of potentials customers. And the only way to address this issue is to bring in some high quality customer centric loyalty programs. MYFiOERP does exactly the same. It brings in the much needed standardization into your loyalty plans and makes it more customer driven arresting the attrition rate to a great extent.


  1. Create customers and assign them with unique customer id.
  2. Create a loyalty program with different reward options such as Coupon rewards or Gift card reward.
  3. Create a loyalty program common to the entire business or specific to products and categories.
  4. Create campaigns and promotions.
  5. Create unlimited coupons and associate them to any promotion or loyalty program or any campaign.
  6. Detailed reports to understand and analyze the ROI of the campaigns and loyalty programs.

Loyalty Management Features

  1. Customers
  2. Loyalty
  3. Promotion
  4. Coupon
  5. Configuration
  6. Reports

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"Loyalty Management" is part of the myFiO ERP line of products, developed by Group FiO.

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