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Every Ecommerce site needs a content management system which automates and reduces the manual processes involved while changing the content, image or design in the site. MYFiOERP is built with a superior content management system which handles everything from content change , price change and even adding a page. Add and change store information from here.


  1. Create New Category, edit an existing category.
  2. Add general information, meta information, images, associations, products inside the category.
  3. Create a new product.
  4. Use “Single page product entry” to quicken the product addition process.
  5. Create any number of pages and host them online. Add products inside each pages.
  6. Add and edit features.
  7. Set price rules, identify new and existing customer and provide discounts according to that information.
  8. Advanced multi channel SKU management
  9. Add shipment methods and types.

Content Management

  1. Category
  2. Product
  3. Pages
  4. Feature
  5. Price Rules
  6. Multi channel List
  7. Promos
  8. Stores
  9. Shipping

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"Content Management" is part of the myFiO ERP line of products, developed by Group FiO.

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