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  • Provide Inventory Planning Management with up-to-date and accurate information relative to stock availability and usage.
  • Meet customer requirements without carrying unnecessary inventories.
  • Reduce inventory levels and minimize carrying costs Inventory traceability by lot/serial number


  • On-line adjustment to stock quantities in a net change MRP environment.
  • Rejection tag numbers with tracking capabilities.
  • Picklist processing by exception, supporting shortages and over-issues with optional notation
  • Multiple warehouses and locations.
  • ABC analysis.
  • Inquiry screens for quick access to work order/part shortages and inventory usage.
  • Inventory vs. bin conversion with automatic updating to planned work orders.
  • Usage control to prevent or permit.
  • WIP receipts for parts not issued Lot/Serial Control.
  • PO receipts supporting partial and overshipments, special instructions and open delivery/balance display.
  • Ability to complete work order requirements and override original planned quantities.
  • Miscellaneous receipts.
  • Complete audit trails for all inventory transactions with cost information.
  • Receiving and inspection processing with shortage displays to assist expediting.
  • Extensive cross referencing.
  • Accept, reject and scrap dispositions for inspected parts.
  • Optional backflushing.
  • Paperless interface with A/P and Purchasing

REPORTS (Sample List)

  • Physical inventory and cycle counting worksheets.
  • Shortage reports for selected or all parts.
  • PO receipts by accounting period.
  • Inventory usage by part and accounting period
  • Inspection history reports for part numbers/purchase orders.
  • ABC analysis
  • Lot history
  • Inventory
  • Transaction
  • Stock Status
  • Inventory Valuation

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the GRMS line of products, developed by GRMS.