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  • Evaluate corporate position and activity for any fiscal period, quarter or year.
  • Monitor debit and credit balances for assets, liabilities, equity, income, expenses and all other financial areas Produce
  • Monthly statements Increase productivity by optimizing bookkeeping tasks and minimizing clerical error.
  • Promote greater financial control


  • Supports multiple companies and/or divisions.
  • Selective and automatic journal postings from other GMS modules.
  • User defined fiscal periods.
  • Journal postings to past, present or future accounting periods.
  • Chart of Accounts using account and sub-account codes Inquiry screens for quick access to transactions and/or balances
  • Header/detail classification of each account for automatic grouping in printed reports.
  • Maintains special work orders for non-inventory items User controlled retention of historical information. Supports mid-year conversions.
  • Comparison reporting (i.e., budget vs. actuals).
  • Consolidated financial statements Maintains multiple periods.
  • Powerful free formatting financial statement and report generator.
  • Summary/detail transaction posting.
  • Recurring, accrual and skeletal journal entries.

REPORTS (Sample List)

  • Chart of Accounts listing.
  • User defined Balance Sheet and Income Statements.
  • Selective Journal listing.
  • Trial Balance Consolidated company reporting.
  • Comparative reporting on current vs. past performance.
  • Complete audit trails with various levels of detail reporting.
  • Comparative reporting on budget vs. actual.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger:

"General Ledger" is part of the GRMS line of products, developed by GRMS.