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By automatically allocating stock to sales orders as they are entered, stock levels and re-ordering requirements are controlled more effectively and you can focus on continually improving your customer service levels. On-screen management of customer credit and stock backordering also ensures your potential for lost revenue is minimized.

Key Features

Internet Enabled - Greentree is enabled for Internet deployment, out of the box, using its thin client technology. This allows remote offices or traveling executives to obtain secure access to the complete functionality of Greentree via an Internet Service Provider.

Fully Integrated Operation - The Sales Orders module is fully integrated with the Inventory and Accounts Receivable modules to ensure your customer and stock availability information is always up to date. This also means that customer and stock item discounts or special pricing arrangements are automatically detected and applied, with no more costly mistakes.

Greentree’s multi-location stock facility means that you can easily select the location to ship each order from. If insufficient stock is available in the desired location, the user will be prompted with the option to select another location, create a back order and/or raise a purchase order on the supplier.

On-line Access to Information - With customers waiting for an immediate response to queries, efficient access to information is important. Greentree provides an on-screen order enquiry facility that allows you to find the status of orders by customer number, sales order number or the customer’s purchase order reference. Orders, packing slips and invoices can then be easily drilled down on for viewing the complete details and status of each line.

During Order Entry, stock items can be located using either the items code, any word of the items description or any one of the alias codes or barcodes. This means staff are able to enter orders more quickly, based on the available information. A facility is also available to enquire on stock availability and pricing for a customer. This takes into account any special pricing or discount structures that are in place, and can even locate the best price where multiple discount or pricing structures exist.

Management of Backorders - A full backorder facility is available, allowing stock that cannot be supplied immediately to be placed on backorder as the sales order is entered. Backorders may be released in bulk as goods arrive or managed on a per-order basis, depending on your preferences. Customers may also be assigned a backorder priority, ensuring your most important customers are supplied first when goods arrive. Multiple orders may be combined onto a single packing slip, ensuring freight costs and paperwork are minimized, and multiple packing slips may also be combined onto a single invoice.

Effective Credit Control - Credit control is paramount in any sales organization and Greentree provides a number of controls to assist this process. Individual customer credit limits may be defined (including overdue limits for each ageing period) and these are automatically checked as each order is entered. Where a credit alert is detected, a warning may be issued or the order held and allowed to ship only when approved by the relevant accounts supervisor. This ensures your credit control procedures are followed, without costly mistakes or oversights.

Flexible Packing Slips and Invoices - Multiple formats for Packing Slips, Invoices, Order Confirmations, Quotes and other forms may be created as part of your sales order system, and can be customer-specific. These are completely user-defined and may be used on laser or traditional dot matrix printers. Naturally, your logo or any other relevant graphics may be used and a range of pre-printed stationary forms is available.

Extended text facilities are available, allowing you to print standard extended descriptions, specifications or detailed notes that have been entered as part of the sales order process. These may be printed on some forms (such as packing slips), while excluded on others (such as invoices). Order confirmations, packing slips or invoices may be hot printed directly from the Sales Order Entry screen. This ensures your orders can be processed quickly and with a minimal amount of paperwork or lost time.

Managing Security - A Sales Order security profile can be defined for each user (or user group) to ensure only relevant information is displayed for faster data entry, and important values are not updated or changed in error. This means cost prices may be displayed or hidden, selling prices or discounts made available for changing or made read-only, the gross margin percentage displayed, etc. All of these options can be configured on a per-user basis; ensuring that individual staff are empowered with the flexibility they need to provide an edge in customer service.

Comprehensive Options - Miscellaneous charges such as freight can be entered when the order is taken or added after the packing slip has been printed. With up to 999 delivery addresses per customer, you are assured of being able to cope with almost any number of customer locations or delivery instructions.

A single order may also have multiple delivery dates, with each of these monitored by the system for automatic release as required. Recurring or Standing Orders may be defined and automatically processed as often as you require. This ensures your regular customers can have their orders delivered on time and without the risk of these being overlooked. Cancelled orders are automatically tracked by the system, including the value and the reason. This helps you to measure the value of lost business - and inform your suppliers of the cost of a late shipment.

Sub Modules

Serial and Lot Number Tracking - If the Serial and Lot Number module is being used, serial numbers can be entered either during order entry or prior to the invoice being raised, providing a wide range of flexibility.

Foreign Currency - If the Foreign Currency module is being used, orders can be entered for overseas customers in their currency using prices from an international price list. A fixed exchange rate may be used at time of order entry, or the current exchange rate used at time of invoicing. Specialized forms such as order confirmations, packing slips, pro-forma invoices and standards invoices may also be defined specifically for overseas customers.

Linked Purchase Orders - If the Purchase Orders module is being used, backorders may be linked directly to existing purchase orders, or the operator can choose to create a purchase order at the time of backorder creation. This allows special orders (i.e. where an item is not held in stock, but ordered from a supplier as required) to be effectively managed.

E-commerce - Customer orders can be entered directly into Greentree via the Internet. Standard Internet pages (using HTML) may be designed for your web site, with a live link back into your Greentree accounting system. Your customers may enter their login name and password and be provided with access to a range of information about their account including: outstanding orders, stock availability, pricing, outstanding invoices, etc.

Customers are also able to easily enter their own orders via a shopping basket; and when completed, their order is immediately updated into Greentree, with stock automatically allocated. The customer is also provided with Greentree’s sales order number for their reference. This facility can not only save time, but enables your customers to place orders at any time of the day - or night - and check on the progress of outstanding items, stock availability or pricing.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales Orders:

"Sales Orders" is part of the Greentree line of products, developed by Greentree International.