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Greentree’s Job Cost module has been designed to work in a wide range of industries and professions including: Consulting Engineers, Construction companies, Service and Maintenance organizations, Transport companies and Plant Hire firms. Greentree helps provide an effective and efficient system for managing jobs and projects of all sizes, with complete on-line integration to the other Greentree modules.

Key Features

Internet Enabled - Greentree is enabled for Internet deployment, out of the box, using its thin client technology. This allows remote offices or traveling executives to obtain secure access to the complete functionality of Greentree via an Internet Service Provider.

Flexible Job Structures - One of the main concepts behind Job Cost is of user-defined Job Hierarchies. This enables cost analysis and control to be viewed and managed at the highest levels, while providing the ability to navigate through a defined structure for more detailed information. Where larger jobs or projects are managed, multi-level structures can be created that link relevant jobs and sub-jobs together. For example, a project may be at the top level, and then broken down into a series of main jobs and sub-jobs.

Within each job, costs can optionally be captured at user-defined Work Center levels, which allow a further level of cost analysis and control. The lowest level of analysis within a job is the Activity Code which defines the actual work being done. These user-defined activity codes provide the key to integration with the General Ledger.

Detailed Job Analysis - Managing and reporting costs and revenues at a summary level within jobs ensures potential problem areas (such as cost over-runs, unexpected expenses or unbilled work) can be quickly identified and addressed. Quick summaries are available within each job via optional Work Centers and Activity Codes.

Greentree’s powerful enquiry facility allows the user to view an entire project, with all costs and revenues summarized on screen. The user is easily able to “drill down” through the defined Job structures, Work Centers and Activity Codes, to the supporting transactions. A transaction can quickly be traced back to its source (even if this is in another module) and the original data entry screen viewed.

Full Integration with Other Greentree Modules - Information can be entered against Jobs from other Greentree modules, providing comprehensive control over costs and sales. The following integration options are available:

  • Inventory - for issuing stock to Jobs.
  • Accounts Receivable - for customer invoicing and progress claims.
  • Purchase Orders - for ordering items for Jobs from suppliers. Purchase Order information flows automatically into Accounts Payable when the supplier invoice arrives.
  • Accounts Payable - for allocating costs to Jobs (with or without Purchase Orders).
  • Fixed Assets - for allocating depreciation costs to Jobs or plant items that are set up as Jobs.
  • General Ledger - for posting costs, revenue and work in progress values.

Flexible Invoicing - If your organization has a requirement to invoice customers for jobs, a variety of tools are available to assist with this. Invoice formats are completely user definable and can include a range of text descriptions that have been previously defined. A preferred invoice format may be defined for each job (or customer), and can be configured to provide summarized or detailed information on costs.

Price Books may be used to define how costs are marked up (for different types of labor, materials and purchased items) and these rules will be automatically applied to costs as they are received. The result is that the creation of cost-plus invoices is highly automated and requires little user input. All expenses on cost-plus jobs can also be deferred, written off or the selling price modified. Naturally, all changes made by the user at invoice time are recorded for further analysis. Claim schedules can be defined and used if required and progress claims are fully supported.

Comprehensive Security - Greentree’s Job Costing module has been designed to provide better information to more staff in your organization. As with any system that potentially has many users accessing information, protecting the confidentiality of your sensitive data is essential. Users can be provided with access to the jobs they are working on or which are relevant to their department only. Data entry functions such as timesheet entry can also be limited to ensure individual staff can select the just the tasks and jobs they are authorized to work on. This comprehensive security module extends to all reports and enquiry screens also.

Powerful Reporting - A powerful reporting engine provides detailed levels of analysis using a wide range of criteria. This enables costs and revenues to be easily analyzed using criteria such as: Job, Customer, Profit Center, Job Manager, Job Type, Charge Type, Work Center, Billing Schedule, Job Status, Job active dates. In addition, information can be reported for any range of financial periods or years. Greentree also has a powerful report writer that allows new reports to be created (or existing ones changed) to suit any additional requirements you may have.

Sub Modules

Base Job Cost - The standard Job Cost module includes the tracking of costs against jobs and includes Timesheet Entry, Disbursements, Accounts Payable Interface, Activity Codes, Job Manager and Estimates.

Advanced Job Cost - This is an option extension to the base system and is designed for organizations with larger or more complex job management requirements. It includes Multi-level Jobs, User-defined work centers, Job Management tools and Profit Centers.

Billing - This is an optional extension to the base system and allows a wide range of customer invoicing functions. This includes multiple job charge types, Accounts Receivable interface for invoicing, multiple invoice formats, invoicing based on fixed quoted values or mark-ups.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Cost:

"Job Cost" is part of the Greentree line of products, developed by Greentree International.