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Providing excellent customer service while maintaining minimum inventory levels has never been easier. With Greentree’s Inventory module, extensive analysis, both on-screen and report based, provides the information needed for the management decisions required to gain competitive advantage.

Key Features

Internet Enabled - Greentree is enabled for Internet deployment, out of the box, using its thin client technology. This allows remote offices or traveling executives to obtain secure access to the complete functionality of Greentree via an Internet Service Provider.

Stock Management - Stock items can be located by stock code or any word within the stock description. This applies throughout the system, ensuring the correct stock code can be found quickly and easily. Stock item may be up to 20 characters in length, allowing for the most comprehensive coding structures. Each stock item may belong to a stock group that can be used to define common elements such as the General Ledger accounts to be posted to or pricing and discount structures. This saves time by eliminating the need to maintain these details at an individual stock item level (although you can also maintain details at an individual item level if you need to).

Stock items may also be accessed via an unlimited number of alias codes or barcodes, allowing your staff to refer to items using a supplier or customer part number or other meaningful codes. This saves time during data entry by allowing staff to use whichever codes they are most familiar with.

On-line Access to Information - Your customer service and warehouse management staff need quick access to key information in order to respond to queries or evaluate trends more effectively. Greentree combines much of the information that may be needed into a comprehensive enquiry facility and provides a range of filtering tools to assist in locating the required details. Individual transactions may be drilled down on to view source documents, quickly and effectively.

The on-screen enquiry facility also shows stock movements, outstanding orders, cost and selling prices, valuation details, sales and purchase history. Sales history, which is retained for each stock location and at a summary level, is on a quantity basis for the past 13 periods. This ensures that trends and seasonal fluctuations are easily highlighted.

Multiple Pricing Books - Greentree’s base Inventory system allows up to six selling price books (or pricing levels) to be defined against each stock item. In addition, each price book may have combinations of pricing by unit of measure, location, analysis code, currency, date ranges and quantity breaks, or items can simply be priced at cost plus markup. A default price book (such as wholesale, trade or retail) is assigned to each of your customers and is automatically used during data entry. The advanced pricing module provides many more options (see below).

User-Defined Trees - Greentree’s powerful tree structures allow you to define an unlimited number of stock item groupings for analysis and reporting purposes. Each stock item may be assigned to a particular branch in each tree, which can be used to help to view and analyze your stock usage and sales trends more effectively. In addition, an unlimited number of user defined fields may be defined for stock items, allowing you to capture and report on specific information that is relevant to your company or industry.

Streamlined Physical Inventories - Regular physical inventories are an essential check that ensures items unaccounted for are identified and processed promptly. Greentree provides the tools to enable you to easily define the frequency and controls required for physical inventory cycles in each of your locations. This helps minimize the potential for stock errors by ensuring each item is checked on a regular basis that is appropriate to its value and turnover.

Flexible Stock Adjustments - Every distribution business is different and the types of stock adjustments you require may be specific to your organization. Greentree provides user-defined transaction types that allow you to define what adjustments are allowed, how they impact your stocking levels and which accounts in the General Ledger should be updated. Adjustment transactions that may be defined could include: Goods Returned, Warranty Claims, Damaged Stock, Wastage Recovered, Quarantine Movements, Inter-warehouse Transfers, etc.

Managing Non-Saleable Items - Not all stock items defined in your system may be available for sale and it is important that controls are in place to ensure these are not accidentally ordered or sold. Greentree provides the facility for a range of user-defined “status codes” to be created, and automatically applies a set of rules about how each should be managed. This allows you to effectively manage stock that has been discontinued, is being held but not available for sale, or perhaps supplier’s stock code details for reference purposes (i.e. the items are not being purchased or sold).

User-Defined Text - A range of text messages may be defined against each stock item, which could subsequently be used on forms or reports in your organization. These messages may perhaps include safety or technical instructions, and could be used on picking slips, order confirmations, invoices or other forms you may use.

Multiple Costing Methods - Three costing methods are available: standard cost, last cost and average cost. Your preferred costing method is defined centrally and automatically implemented across the system. Cost prices, selling prices and quantities may optionally be tracked with up to four decimal places. Cost and selling prices may also be maintained and tracked centrally or separately for each stocking location.

Managing Suppliers - Any number of suppliers can be recorded against each stock item. Information relating to supplier cost prices (in their currency if the Foreign Currency module is used), the quoted lead-time and their stock code may also be recorded. A preferred supplier can be nominated for each stock item, allowing the automatic creation of stock re-orders into the Purchase Orders module. This can use either forecasting formulae or more simple minimum and maximum stock levels, on a per location basis.

Sub Modules

Multiple Stock Locations - An unlimited number of stock locations may be defined that reflect the way each of your warehouses, branches or other locations are managed. Your warehouses may be grouped by geographic location or branch for reporting purposes, and within each warehouse stock may be tracked in multiple locations, down to a bin level if required. This information is easily available for use in Sales Order Entry as items are sold, or via several enquiry screens. Selling and cost prices may also be defined for each location, or held at the stock item level for all warehouses.

Advanced Pricing - With unlimited price books (the base system only allows up to six), and the ability to define special prices or discounts for a combination of customer, stock item, stock item group, customer group, and price book, almost any special pricing arrangement can be catered for. In addition, prices can be made effective for only a specified date range and include quantity breaks that will automatically be detected and implemented by the system during data entry. If multiple discount or price structures exist, the system can either locate the best price for the customer or work through a user-defined hierarchy to locate the appropriate price to apply.

Units of Measure - Multiple units of measure may be defined against each stock item, including the conversion rate from one unit to another. Items may be purchased, transferred or sold in any unit of measure and Greentree will take care of the conversions for you. Each unit of measure may also have a selling price defined, allowing volume prices to automatically apply if a customer purchases a larger quantity.

Serial and Lot Number Tracking - Serial and lot (batch) number tracking provides you with greater accuracy in managing your stock, with easy tracing options available to track down individual items. Serial or Lot Number tracking may be implemented for just the items that require allocation, alpha or numeric numbers, enabling the management of perishable items. The availability of individual items may also be tracked via a status code such as damaged, in service, on loan, available, etc.

Foreign Currency - If the Foreign Currency module is being used, international price lists can be created and maintained in the currencies of your customers. Alternatively, overseas prices can be calculated during order or invoice entry, based on domestic prices and current exchange rates.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the Greentree line of products, developed by Greentree International.