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As organizations constantly look for competitive advantages in today’s rapidly changing business world, managing your customers and sales processes effectively has become essential. Greentree’s Customer Relationship suite provides a powerful base that allows you to define the organizations your business comes into contact with, and what the nature of the relationship is.

Key Features

Hierarchical Relationships - All organizations that you deal with, including customers, suppliers, prospects or competitors, can be maintained in a single place. A wide variety of information about each organization can be recorded, much of it tailored to suit your own requirements. Organizations can have unlimited hierarchical relationships, so you can record details of branches, groups or subsidiaries together. Naturally, Greentree’s standard user-defined fields and trees are available, to enable unlimited information to be captured against an organization.

Contact Information - In addition to the usual name, phone and address details, the reporting structure within an organization can be defined, so that we can better understand how any one contact fits into the picture. Greentree’s standard user-defined fields and trees are also available, to enable unlimited information to be captured against a contact (e.g. Birthdays, Spouse Names, etc).

User defined codes - Most of the look up information within Contacts and Relationships is user-defined, allowing the system to be tailored to your exact needs without re-programming. This can include areas such as: relationship types, industry codes, importance, classifications, etc.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook - Contacts, tasks, appointments and follow-ups can all be published to Microsoft Outlook, providing users with off-line access to key information such as their personal contacts, via mobile devices.

Document Attachments - Any type of document, including Word, Excel, Pictures and Graphics can be attached to an organization or a contact. Documents can be catalogued with summary information and are stored in a tightly compressed database. These can be viewed from within Greentree and printed at any time.

Teams and Work groups - Within your organization, logical groups of people, such as sales teams or service groups can be defined. A person can be a member of more than one group and responsibilities can be reassigned when people leave, move roles, or organizational restructures occur. Teams can be used to maintain confidentiality of information, and reduce the volume of information to a more manageable size, by filtering out irrelevant records.

Data Verification - Accuracy of data in any system can be a challenge, but Greentree’s unique approach, allows information to be verified systematically. Users can clearly see the status of any organization and when (and by whom) it was checked for accuracy.

Full Integration with Other Greentree Modules

Integration with Accounts Receivable is on-line and seamless, with absolutely no data duplication. This means as an address or other details are changed for a customer within Greentree’s Contacts & Relationships module, the customer information in Accounts Receivable is updated immediately. As prospects are turned into customers, a new customer account is automatically created for you from within the Contacts and Relationship module.

Functional Security and Data Security

The Contacts and Relationships module has been designed for use by many different staff within your organization. Protecting the confidentiality of your sensitive data is therefore critical and a powerful data security model has been implemented to achieve this. Security can be assigned by work groups and teams, or down to an individual staff member level.

In addition, Greentree’s powerful security system, which controls which functions and reports any user can access from the menu, can also be used to manage user access to Contacts and Relationships.

Reporting - In addition to the numerous standard reports provided, users can build new reports in Word, Excel, Access or Crystal using either ODBC or Contacts and Relationships built in Microsoft Office integration.

Other Modules

Sales & Marketing - This module provides a range of tools for full sales cycle management, pipeline reporting, quote creation and automated sales order creation. With on-line access to Inventory products, prices and availability, your sales staff will be able to create accurate quotes easily via a direct link to Word or Excel and convert these immediately into Greentree Invoices or Sales Orders. You can also provide your sales team with an advanced Campaign Management tool that allows them to create cost effective marketing campaigns using both traditional methods such as mail-merge or telemarketing, in addition to newer methods such as bulk emailing. Prospective customers can be easily targeted based on their purchasing patterns, their demographics, company size, etc. and a campaign list automatically created.

Knowledge Base - Managing information and making it accessible to internal staff, customers and suppliers, is a challenge for all organizations. Greentree’s Knowledge Base module provides a framework for systematically storing information, and providing flexible yet secure access control, both internally and externally to that information.

Information can be divided into Libraries, books and pages, and can include staff qualifications and skill sets, frequently asked questions, product technical information and much more. Document management is handled within the knowledge base for sales literature, technical manuals, brochures and other documents.

Events Management - A key part of marketing is organizing events, and Greentree provides a complete solution, from invitation lists through to event bookings. Greentree even has the facility to invoice attendees, making the module applicable to training courses, seminars and other revenue generating events.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with CRM - Contacts and Relationships:

"CRM - Contacts and Relationships" is part of the Greentree line of products, developed by Greentree International.