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In today’s hectic business world time is critical. Nowhere is this more important than in your company’s Accounts Receivable department - the nerve center of your accounting operations - where a good portion of the information that can make or break your business is stored.

Key Features

Internet Enabled - Greentree is enabled for Internet deployment, out of the box, using its thin client technology. This allows remote offices or traveling executives to obtain secure access to the complete functionality of Greentree via an Internet Service Provider.

Tracking Customers - Customers can be quickly located by account number, alpha code or name (or an abbreviation of any of these). Use your mouse or function keys to scroll through the customer file, depending on your personal preference. Individual customer accounts may be tracked on an Open Item or Balance Forward basis - and you can switch between these at any time.

Collecting money owed by customers is critical to cash flow and business survival. Disputed invoices may be placed on hold, allowing the balance owed to be more easily collected.

Managing Overdue Accounts - Businesses today need to offer more flexible payment terms - which may vary for particular sales to individual customers. Accounts Receivable allows the default customer payment terms for each invoice to be modified as they are entered. Greentree tracks invoices so you know exactly when each invoice is due for payment. Additionally customer credit limits can be defined as a total and/or each overdue period.

Recurring Invoices - If your company has a requirement for recurring invoices, these may be defined just once and automatically generated when required. This gives easy control over areas such as rental charges or maintenance billing.

Multiple Delivery Addresses - With up to 999 delivery addresses per customer, you are assured of being able to cope with almost any number of customer locations or delivery instructions. Each address may also include a contact person, fax and phone numbers and even a run and drop number to assist in delivery scheduling.

Sophisticated Discount Options - Both invoice and statement discounts are available, so that discounts to a customer may be provided on an individual invoice line or as an incentive for early account payment. A wide range of discount or special pricing arrangements may be defined for selected customers or customer groups. This may include quantity discounts and/or a discount or price that applies within a specific date range only.

Sub Modules

Foreign Currency - If the Foreign Currency module is used, the system will allow foreign currency customers to be maintained and transactions to be entered in the customer’s local currency. Your foreign exchange exposure may be reported via an unrealized gains/losses report at any time and realized variances are automatically calculated and tracked.

Sales Analysis - Greentree captures detailed sales analysis information and using links to a number of industry standard data warehousing tools such as Excel, Brio, Power Play and Crystal Info. This allows you to view profit and sales trends through multiple levels and from different angles with complete flexibility. You are then able to control and really understand where your sales strengths and challenges are.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable:

"Accounts Receivable" is part of the Greentree line of products, developed by Greentree International.