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A full ERP system designed by Greentree International.
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Greentree represents a new generation of internet enabled business management tools that makes no compromises in delivering comprehensive functionality, on-line access from desktop products such as Microsoft Excel and a robust and reliable operating environment.

Key Features

Proven Heritage - Greentree has been developed by the authors of CBA, one of the most successful accounting packages for small to medium sized businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Originally released in 1983, CBA has been sold to more than 10,000 organizations and provides a highly functional solution for companies requiring a character-based product. This heritage assures existing CBA users of a comfortable transition to Greentree, with many familiar business processing concepts and familiar features available. New users can also rest assured that the product has been well designed for local businesses with established and proven functionality.

Reliable Technology - Database reliability is a vital issue for businesses today, with the need to minimize the risk of data loss being key. Greentree has been built using JADE, a modern object-oriented database that provides a secure and robust operating environment. With powerful features such as commit and rollback and automatic database recovery, the JADE database requires virtually no user management on a day-to-day basis.

Flexible Configuration - The only constant in business is change, and with this in mind, your accounting system needs to be both flexible and adaptable. Greentree has been designed for a broad range of industries and business types and provides many tools to allow you to tune the system to your changing needs. This includes user-defined fields, reporting Tree structures, screen customization options and a flexible report writer.

Product Overview - Greentree is a modular system, allowing you to select just the functions you need for your business - with the flexibility to add further modules at a later date. The current range of Greentree modules covers the key areas of Financials, Distribution and Job Management.

Internet Enabled- Greentree is enabled for Internet deployment, out of the box, using its thin client technology. This allows remote offices or traveling executives to obtain secure access to the complete functionality of Greentree via an Internet Service Provider.

On-line Operation - Transactions entered into Greentree update all relevant modules at the time the source transaction is created, ensuring you have access to the latest information throughout the system. For example, an invoice from a Supplier can be seen in the relevant General Ledger accounts (and Financial Reports) as soon as it is entered in the Accounts Payable module.

The use of an on-line system ensures that you can rely on information in your system being up-to-date, and need not concern yourself with which transactions have been posted. Bottlenecks at month-end are also removed, allowing staff to focus more on analyzing key information in a timely manner.

Multi-Currency Facilities - As businesses become global and traditional boundaries disappear, the systems we use need to reflect this in all areas. In addition to providing full multi-currency capabilities across all modules, Greentree has also been designed to cater for international trading.

Multi-Company Processing - An unlimited number of companies may be defined within Greentree, with access to each company granted to defined users only. Full inter-company accounting is provided, allowing transactions such as Accounts Payable invoice lines to be easily posted across multiple companies.

Tree-Based Reporting - Greentree provides a powerful concept of user-defined Trees that can be used to group information such as customers, suppliers or stock items in ways that are relevant to your organization. Each Tree can have multiple branches for sub-grouping purposes.

For example, your customers could be grouped into geographical areas - by country, by state and then by region or city. Another Tree may group customers by the type of industry they are in, or perhaps the sales region they belong to within your organization. When printing reports any of these multi-level Trees provide meaningful ways to group information. Structures can then be selected for sorting and sub-totaling in ways that are meaningful to your organization.

On-line Help - Greentree contains a complete and detailed on-line help system giving complete information about how to implement and use the system. How to wizards step the user through common tasks such as setting up a customer and processing an invoice. All help information can be accessed through a comprehensive index, as well as a keyword find utility.

Flexible Calendars - With more flexible trading terms being offered today, the ability to tailor these to the needs of each of your customers and suppliers is important. Payment terms have a direct impact on your cash flow and can often be difficult to monitor. Greentree offers a user-defined calendar structure that allows multiple calendars to be created, each with different period lengths and potentially different year start and end dates. In the Accounts Payable and Receivable modules, these calendars can then be applied to different customers and suppliers to give you complete control over the aging periods.

Some of your customers, for example, may be on 7-day terms and others on monthly terms. Within the General Ledger, you may define a calendar that reflects your organizations reporting periods and financial year-ends - this could be 12 or 13 periods, 4 weekly periods, quarterly or any other structure you require. Each of your companies may also use a different calendar structure, if required.

Powerful Enquiries - Front-line staff within your organization requires quick and easy access to key information in your system, if they are to respond accurately to customer, supplier or internal enquiries. Greentree provides on-line enquiries throughout the system that can be easily customized by each operator to display the information they need in a logical and readable sequence.

Easy Month-End Processing - Greentree has been built with the intention of eliminating additional processing tasks wherever possible. The traditional period-end bottlenecks have been removed completely when moving into a new financial period - this process takes just seconds no matter how large your organization is. All reports can also be printed for both the current and previous periods at any time. This means that if an additional sales or financial report is required for a previous period, this can be produced easily and without the need to restore data from that period.

Screen Customization - Greentree screens can be customized, allowing fine-tuning of the information and options presented to users in a way that reflects your business practices. Multiple versions of each screen may be created - and the relevant version of the screen displayed for particular users or user groups. Detailed on-line help guides you through each task within the system.

Powerful Integrated Report Writer - Providing timely and useful reports helps ensure your organization is operating effectively and profitably. All operational reports within Greentree have been designed to provide key information in a logical and easy to read format. The Greentree Report Writer is a standard part of the system. Many reports within Greentree have been developed using the Report Writer and can be easily tailored to each organization’s particular requirements. This may be as simple as adding a new field to the report, modifying the selection criteria screen, or even designing a new report from scratch.

Open Period Posting - Transactions may be posted to both prior and future accounting periods as your requirements dictate. Access to each period is controlled by user security, within each module. Accounting periods may be open, closed, permanently closed or current.

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