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Greenshades Software

A developer of business management software.

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Simple, cost-effective solutions for tax compliance, payroll services, and employee management. Greenshades thrives on tackling challenges and solving payroll problems so you can focus on more important things – your products, services, and customers. For more than 20 years Greenshades has led the way, creating solutions to make running your business easier. Thousands of businesses use Greenshades every day for payroll and employee management, and the confidence of being fully compliant with all payroll tax filing rules and deadlines.

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Greenshades offers client applications and web portals that handle the headaches associated with running payroll. Our Payroll Tax Service calculates deadlines, files returns, and transfers payments through a simple online portal. The Year-End Forms distribution system electronically distributes W-2s with the option for us to print and mail any remaining forms.

The Employee Services Portal is hosted by Greenshades (so you have no infrastructure needs nor footprint to manage) and provides employees with online paystubs, expense reporting, time-off requests, benefits enrollment, and more.

The Greenshades Tax Filing Center offers Payroll Tax E-Filing to reduce your burden with SUTA, W-2s, 1099s, 940/941, 1095-Cs, New Hire, and more—also with options for 401k reporting and Garnishments management.

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    A tax preparation application designed by Greenshades Software.

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