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As your business grows and you require multiple warehouses, offices and/or stores, you need the ability to monitor your inventory. With a true Multi-location Inventory, Gravity Software (Gravity) gives you the ability to track you products wherever you do business. Each location can control its own pricing orders and stocking characteristics.

Gravity makes it easy to cost and track your inventory. With FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average, Standard and even specific item costing; you get an accurate profit analysis on every sale. With Gravity, it’s simple to enable serial or lot number tracking with a full audit trail from purchase to sale. With real-time insight into your inventory levels you can:

  • Locate a specific product or part
  • Monitor your total inventory or drill down by location
  • Analyze your inventory to maximize your profitability

By utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, Gravity makes it simple for businesses to operate from anywhere, at any time without all the startup costs associated with other accounting applications.

Gravity’s guiding principle is to simplify the lives of our users while providing SMBs the platform they need to grow.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Multi-Location Inventory:

"Multi-Location Inventory" is part of the Gravity line of products, developed by Gravity Software.