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Granville Publications Software

A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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About the Company

Started 16 years ago by Harvey A. Goldstein, CPA, Granville Publications continues to produce a high-quality software product for CPAs, CFOs, accountants and small-business owners to handle their financial forecasting and cash flow forecasting needs.

Designed to help people in business get a better understanding of where their company is going. Additionally, CPAs are using the program to increase their value to their clients.

About the Developer

Harvey A. Goldstein, CPA, is the Chairman of the Southern California CPA firm Singer, Lewak, Greenbaum & Goldstein. He has been actively engaged in the practice of public accounting for more than 35 years. Harvey was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to his National Productivity Advisory Committee and is a member of California’s Small Business Development Board.

Under his direction, SLGG has grown to become one of the largest CPA and Management Consulting Firms in Los Angeles. He is devoted to helping clients and business get the most out of doing business. He attributes much of his success to the Marketing Plan he developed throughout his career through trial and error. His mission is to share his secrets with all interested parties. He speaks to over 100 business groups annually and publishes several articles each year.

Harvey created and is constantly improving Up Your Cash Flow for 15 years to provide users with one of the most effective, efficient and affordable forecasting tools on the market. Harvey’s philosophy of business (and life) is best exemplified by a small plaque adorning a corner of his desk. It reads, “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - But Only The Things Left by Those Who Hustle.” Up Your Cash low was created with this mantra in mind.

Product Lines

  • Up Your Cash Flow XT

    A budgeting, planning & forecasting application designed by Granville Publications Software.

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