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GMS Payroll includes payroll functions and reports beginning with the automatic calculation of current period employee gross-to-net payroll right through year end W2 activities. GMS payroll is timesheet generated. Payroll, labor distribution,leave cost accounting and leave balance maintenance all result from timesheet data entry procedures.

Personnel Setup

User may set up codes for Deduction, Personnel, Sites, Local tax, Special Pay, Department, Position, Workers Compensation, State Tax, Pay Codes and Leave Type with a few easy key strokes.

Employee Entry

Employee entry functions allow transactions to be entered with a minimum of keystrokes and can be easily changed, printed, displayed or queried.

  • Employee files hold general personnel information, employee leave balances, federal and state tax information, employee deductions, and year-to-date earnings information.
  • Four digit codes identify employees.

Timesheet Entry

Each Employee will be assigned a four digit employee code. Data entered from an employee’s timesheet is used to create payroll and to maintain employee leave balances.

Each entry will be charged to a program element within a project or grant listing the number of hours an employee has worked on each task.

During Month End Processing this same timesheet will produce a variety of labor distribution reports and post salaries to programs and activities.

Normal Payroll Activities Include:

  • Automatic calculation of gross-to-net payroll amounts
  • Current Period Payroll Register
  • Current Period Deductions Register
  • Payroll Checks
  • Payroll Check Listing
  • Year-to-Date Payroll Register
  • Inquiry Screens with drill down features

Quarterly and Year End Processing Includes

  • Quarter-to-date Payroll Register
  • 941A Report
  • W2 Proof Register
  • Ability to edit W2’s for special issues
  • W2 printing
  • Option for GMS to handle W2 printing and disk preparation for SSA
  • Supplemental software for user to prepare disk for SSA

Special GMS features include

  • Computerized leave balance maintenance and reporting, and printing of leave balances on payroll check stubs
  • Reimbursement of employee expenses automatically through payroll
  • Direct payroll deposit using GMS supplemental software
  • Tax deferred payroll deductions
  • Payroll checks sorted by site or department
  • Adjustment procedures for one time check changes and manual payroll checks
  • Unlimited user defined voluntary deductions
  • Unemployment and Workers Compensation Analyses
  • Automatic journal entries posting payroll amounts to general ledger control accounts
  • Special state and local tax reports
  • Full range of labor distribution reports

Payroll is part of the GMS basic package.

Other Applications

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"Payroll" is part of the GMS Non-Profit Accounting and Financial Management line of products, developed by Grants Management Systems.

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