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Flexibility is the key to product pricing. Want to price using a percentage over your cost? Want to add a dollar amount to a case? Want to use a combination of both? You can do this and more, plus you can mix and match these methods throughout your product file. You can also custom tailor your pricing based on how you sell each product, whether it’s by the case, half case, pound or each. Once you get your pricing strategy in place, the updating when you buy new product is fast and fits easily into your daily routine.

Customers are assigned to 1 of up to 10 price groups. Although you may get pricing close to what you want to charge, individual pricing strategies for a single customer or a group of customers are also easily accomplished with custom bid pricing. The system also enables you to fax these custom lists directly to the customer as many times a week as you schedule.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Product Pricing:

"Product Pricing" is part of the Greengrocer Business Manager line of products, developed by Granite State Software.