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A developer of business management software.

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GRANITE STATE SOFTWARE was established in 1984 by Peter Kimball, an experienced computer professional, who was asked to do some custom programming for a friend getting started in the produce business. After successful testing the program was introduced to other New England produce wholesalers who found the program to be a great time saver and an invaluable tool for all aspects of running their businesses. As word got out, one by one, wholesalers from all over the east began using the system. They discovered that the software was efficient, easy to use, worked the way it was supposed to and provided the necessary features to work with how THEY do business. Peter has become an expert not only in computers and software, but in the produce business itself, often serving as a consultant when going in to train new companies on his system. This experience has helped evolve Greengrocer Business Manager to where it is today; the leader in features, dependability, service and price. Our customer base has expanded throughout the United States and continues to grow.

We have a technical staff for custom programming needs and to keep up with the changes you need to stay competitive. Our Senior Software Engineer, Glenn Sherman, joined the company in 1990. He has a degree in computer science, has been a programmer since 1980, and has had eight years experience actually working for a produce wholesaler. Knowing the produce business inside and out, along with being computer experts, is our greatest advantage in providing a top-notch product.

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