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Microsiga System Advanced Protheus

A multi‑module management system designed by GM Brothers.
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AP6 Master is a corporate management solution (ERP/CRM) that includes all processes of a company related to administration, manufacturing and relationship. Aimed at the most different sectors of the market, it is ready to meet specific needs, allowing the economic, financial and productive situation to be controlled, activating decision-making processes and optimizing results.

In order to better meet its customers’ needs, Microsiga has created many modalities of its product making possible to use it completely, from its implementation phase up to the final use. Among AP6 Family products, we point out the Master category composed of application developed in ADVPL maximum configuration, with or without limit of concurrent processes. It is divided into 4 categories: AP6 Master Full, AP6 Master Four, AP6 Master Light and AP6 Master T (terminal).

Functionality Modules

AP6 ERP BACK OFFICE – ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Administrative and Financials: Fixed Assets, Copyright Control, Financials, Accounting, Tax Records and Costs.…

AP6 POINT OF SALE AP6-Commercial Automation: Management solution that comprises from point of sales to back office processes. It is a solution which provides fast transaction, safe and…

AP6 FOREIGN TRADE AP6-Foreign Trade (Export and Import): It deals with all operational, management and financial functions related to export and import processes.…

AP6 FIXED ASSETS MAINTENANCE AP6 – Fixed Assets Maintenance: it comprises all company’s corrective and preventive processes.…

AP6 MOBILE ENTERPRISE AP6 - Mobile Enterprise: solution developed by Microsiga to allow data of an ERP/CRM system to be remotely accessed. The functions already available for the product are:…

OFFICE BI OFFICE BI (Business Intelligence) TWR – Control Tower In order to make the access to information simpler, Microsiga has developed the TWR (Control Tower), a tool with…

AP6 CRM FRONT OFFICE - CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Call Center system that includes all services executed by the operator, containing telemarketing, telesales,…

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