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GM Brothers

A developer of business management software.

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Microsiga’s high-tech is based on an e-business development platform totally independent of interface, language, database, connection (Internet, WAN, LAN), topology and platform. This establishes a highly collaborative environment in all company’s relationship chain, no matter if it is internal or external, making possible the implementation of shared and/or centralized processing, reducing and staggering investments in IT.

The best technology achievement is the result of researches and a great experience in servicing companies. This allowed Microsiga’s team to understand its customers needs and to know about distinct business rules. Together, these pieces of information created a big intelligence base that helped in the development of services, methodologies, besides tools for digitalizing and knowledge integration. The know-how changed itself in objects that have already been available for implementation, taking full advantage of a company´s knowledge base.

Technology and business intelligence is applied by a team of analysts specialized in consulting, in help-desk, in training and in the development of special projects (Software Factory) services rendering. The members of this team are able to identify the customers needs in order to implement Microsiga´s products, administrative projects, install physical and logical network infrastructure, manage database, develop specific functionalities and train users.

Complementing the Technology, Intelligence and Services platforms, we have Microsiga’s Solutions aimed at industry, distribution and logistics, retail and services segments. Microsiga’s solutions guarantee the best administrative, financial and manufacturing routines management, as well as relationship with customers. Microsiga offers solutions such as: Corporate Management (ERP / CRM) and some specific verticals for Commercial Automation, Sales Force Automation, Foreign Trade, Distribution and Logistics, Quality Management, Car Dealers Management, Assets Maintenance, Health Insurance and Occupational Health and Safety; all of them, in the traditional or ASP modality can integrate mobile devices (handheld) with Business Intelligence tools.

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