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You must be able to quickly and effectively support the customers who purchase and install your products. If a product does not work or is damaged, the service and repair must be prompt and complete–whether the product is under warranty, billable, or under a Service Contract. The - Service and Repair application supports a firm’s goal to quickly respond to its customer’s service needs by controlling the entire service and repair cycle.

Service & Repair At-A-Glance

Service Contract Features

  • Defines what items will be serviced and for whom.
  • Specifies the type of service to be provided via a user definable Service Type table.
  • Contracts can be defined across multiple customer sites and can range from being completely global down to covering a specific physical serial number at a particular customer site.
  • Service ‘Consumption’ is supported. For example, a customer can purchase a number of service days up-front and then consume those days as needed. The service fees will then be tracked and consumed against the service contract.
  • Item level service/repair terms and conditions.
  • The ability to specify service schedules, track completions and consumption of service schedules, manage customer billing, and provide performance reports.
  • The ability to generate invoices on a predetermined schedule or as service orders are completed.
  • Notification to customer of Service Contract renewal deadlines. Specification of penalties, which will result if the performance criteria is not met.

Service and Repair Order Features

  • Provides detail of specific work to be performed for customer:
    • item(s) to be repaired
    • customer site(s) requiring service
    • if customer item has been received for repair
    • if customer needs temporary replacement item while repair is performed
    • identifies the pre-defined performance commitments which must be met, or penalties are invoked.
  • Creates repair order, when products need repair, to track costs and activities.
  • Tracks all required activities, following pre-defined workflow and reports the service/repair order’s current status.
  • Triggers invoice billing upon completion.
  • Maintains history of activities which are available for review at any time.