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The lifeblood of every business is the sale and distribution of its goods and services. At the heart of this process is the sales order system. - Sales Orders provides a fully integrated on-line environment for entering and processing sales orders and managing the physical distribution of goods.

Sales Orders At-A-Glance

Order Entry

  • Multiple item types: stock, non-stock, non-standard
  • Customer locations for buying, bill-to and ship-to addresses
  • FOB point, freight payment method, carrier
  • Required, promised, and scheduled dates
  • Ship-complete indicator
  • Automatic online checking of credit limit and available balance
  • Variable pricing and discounting options
  • Sales representatives with split percentages
  • Header comments and notepad
  • Optional entry for purchase order and date
  • Quote numbers
  • Project identification
  • Build-to specification ID
  • Supports import and export documents
  • Order currency and exchange rates
  • Credit and debit memos
  • Returned goods authorization and receiving
  • Support for multiple warehouse

Order Processing

  • Option for instant material commitment with pick and packing document generation
  • Credit hold options
  • Commit material by date range or item
  • Record backorder quantities
  • Generate sales orders, credit and debit memos
  • Print picklist, packlist, packing slip and acknowledgments

Customer Profile

  • Bill-to, ship-to- and buying locations with addresses
  • Credit limit and hold status
  • Contact names by locations
  • Sales representatives with split percentages
  • Sales organization responsibility
  • Text and notepad

Order Line Information

  • Optional customer item number cross reference
  • Multiple deliveries per line item
  • Automatic item price and discount calculation
  • View item availability
  • Multi-level international tax
  • Line comments and notepads
  • Work order reference

Sales Order Shipping

  • Confirm pick and pack quantity with time and date stamp
  • Over- and under-shipment verification
  • Packlist
  • Shipping labels
  • Bill of lading
  • Forward billing information for invoicing
  • One time ship-to address

Inquiries and Reports

  • Individual Order with Search
  • Sales Order Status
  • Review Scheduled Orders
  • Debit and Credit Memos
  • Backorders and Backlog
  • Orders on Hold
  • Cancellations
  • Credit Review
  • Customer Information
  • Order History
  • Shipping Performance
  • Period Financial Impact